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Install Final Cut Pro 4 on G3 Macs Install
patoX is an 'enabler' that allows to install your Final Cut Pro applications on your PowerPC G3! patoX won't install without the Final Cut Pro applications; it's just an enabler. You must to have Final Cut Pro, or you will need to buy it, in order to use patoX.

I made an installer for patoX, and you can download it [904KB] if you'd like to try it out.

[robg adds: I haven't tested this one, but I have been asked about FCP apps on G3s before, so maybe this will help a couple folks out...]
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Install Final Cut Pro 4 on G3 Macs
Authored by: pato on Sep 21, '04 11:18:14PM

It's works also if you have an PowerMac G4 466 Digital Audio (for example) and wanna install Soundtrack.

This enabler allows to install and use the FCP 4 and the Pro Apps too.


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Install Final Cut Pro 4 on G3 Macs
Authored by: glebd on Sep 22, '04 07:14:53AM

My understanding is that FCP4 and other new Pro apps use G4-specific instruction set. This means that even if you install them on a G3, they won't work and may crash the machine. Or am I wrong?


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Install Final Cut Pro 4 on G3 Macs
Authored by: jmlv2 on Sep 22, '04 06:41:01PM

I successfully installed and ran FCP 4 on my Powerbook Pismo G3 500 using the patch. But I am unable to update to version 4.1 as the updater says something to the effect that my machine does not have the required hardware to run FCP.

Have i missed out on something?

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iDVD on G3 Macs?
Authored by: gio on Sep 22, '04 07:31:51AM

Does anyone has a similar patch to use iDVD 4 on a G3?


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Install Final Cut Pro 4 on G3 Macs
Authored by: PhlegmMaster on Sep 23, '04 01:43:28PM

I found it easier to just copy the installer package to my hard drive, open it up, find the preflight/VolumeCheck scripts and just edit out the parts that check the processor.

You'll also need to open the Info.plist file of the application after the install and take out the key dealing with the processor requirement.

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More details please!
Authored by: alexmathew on Sep 24, '04 04:10:33AM

can you give us more details for us less-tchnically minded? I would like to do this for iDVD on a G3.
Thank you

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Install Final Cut Pro 4 on G3 Macs
Authored by: shootersfilmprod on Dec 23, '04 02:47:10PM

I've managed to install Final Cut Express 2 on my G3 iMac DV SE 500 by removing installcheck from the package. What code do I need to remove from the info.plist to prevent the application from checking the processor so that I can open it on my G3?


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Howto: Install Final Cut Pro 4 on G3 Macs
Authored by: nuxx on Nov 24, '05 06:19:47AM
A step by step howto on installing Final Cut Pro HD 4.5 on a G3 mac I haven't tried this procedure with other FCP 4.x versions - but they are probably quite similar if not identical in this respect.
  • Open your FinalCutPro DVD
  • Select the shortcut that says Install Final Cut Pro HD - or equivalent
  • Press cmd - r (Apple Button and R)
    -- this should take you to the installer dir hidden on the DVD
  • Copy the contents of this folder to a folder on your harddrive
    -- close the DVD (to avoid confusion)
  • Open the new folder on your harddrive with the files you just copied
  • Open the packages folder which should be inside it
  • Ctrl-click the FinalCutProHD4.5.pkg and select show contents of package
    -- observe that you are indeed opening the file in the packages folder and NOT the one named FinalCutProHD.mpkg on the level above it - the latter is only used when you are going to install later
  • Locate this file within the FinalCutProHD4.5.pkg: Contents / Resources / InstallationCheck
  • Open InstallationCheck in a text editor - for instance TextEdit
The code to edit is actually quite obvious: Somewhere early on in the document is an if-clause that looks like this:
#set the exit value dependant on the hardware present
        	$EXIT_VALUE = ((1 << 6) | ( 1 << 5 ) | 16 );
This clause acts if your CPU doesn't meet the requirements and quits with a corresponding error message.

You simply apply a " # " in front of each line inside the clause like this:
		# $EXIT_VALUE = ((1 << 6) | ( 1 << 5 ) | 16 );
		# last;
This means the code is treated as comments and won't be carried out when the program runs - hence the installer will continue even though your hardware is 'inferior'.

- save the file, install by using the FinalCutProHD.mpkg located in the dir you copied to, reboot.

Once installed:
  • Locate the FinalCutProHD application in your Applications folder
  • Ctrl-click it and select show contents of package
  • Open the Contents folder
  • Open the file Info.plist in a text editor (perhaps do perform a backup of the file first)
  • Locate this code:
Delete those two lines... yep... get rid of them - save

You should now be able to run the program - works for me on an 800mhz iBook G3

Good luck

- nuxx

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Install Final Cut Pro 4 on G3 Macs
Authored by: supafraud on Nov 01, '04 01:25:55AM

it allows me to install, but when I try to load it afterwards i get an AGP error (PCI video card)

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Install Final Cut Pro 4 on G3 Macs
Authored by: tomhannen on Nov 02, '05 11:32:18PM

Just tried editing the info.plist for Final Cut Studio, to enable it to run on a G4 400Mhz mac, but no luck. It still complained about the lack of Quartz AGP cards... Any suggestions as to a way round this (other than buy a new computer)?

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Install Final Cut Pro 4 on G3 Macs
Authored by: bustercherry86 on Dec 01, '09 04:11:14AM

Can somebody please give me a link to patoX software that works or upload it somewhere please.

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