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Another iTunes local subnet sharing workaround Apps
I tried a small trick the other day to get iTunes sharing to work on my company network across our 2 subnets. I've seen the various streaming and other solutions, but it seemed there should be an easier way to share to local computers on a second subnet. Well, it seems all you have to do is add another Network Interface in the Network Preferences and set it up with the second subnets IP paramaters.

So as an example, my office has a 192.168.1.X subnet and a 10.0.0.X subnet. My iTunes host computer is on the 192 network, and nobody on the 10 network could see my shared iTunes Library, because of the subnet limitation in iTunes. So by doing the following, it allowed the 10 network to access my shared library...

My iTunes library host computer networking is setup as:
  • Built-In Ethernet
  • IP:
  • Mask:
  • Router:
Go into the Network Control Panel and select "Network Port Configurations" from the "Show" drop-down menu. You will see the list of all your network interfaces. Click "New" and give your new interface a name (like Built-In Ethernet2 or something) and select "Built-in Ethernet" from the Port drop-down and click "OK." In the "Show" drop-down menu, select your newly created port. Setup the new port with the second subnets paramaters, in my case it was:
  • Built-In Ethernet2
  • IP:
  • Mask:
  • Router:
That's it. Users on the second subnet will be able to access your shared library. Now obviously this will not allow you to share your home computer library with your office computer, but it is a workaround for offices and possibly dorms that subnet their networks.

Also a note: You will have to know certain information about the second subnet, like a valid unused IP address and the router address, in order for this to go smoothly.
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Another iTunes local subnet sharing workaround
Authored by: sben on Sep 21, '04 12:19:05PM

If I'm reading this right, it'll let any Rendezvous-enabled app work, not just iTunes -- like printer sharing, SubEthaEdit, etc. Does this sound correct?

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Another iTunes local subnet sharing workaround
Authored by: atverd on Sep 21, '04 12:21:02PM

This will work only when both your subnets physically sitting on the same network segment (sharing same wires). Otherwise this will not work.

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Configuring Parallel Subnets... HELP!
Authored by: Echidna on Sep 21, '04 03:07:44PM
So, to clarify, if I have one subnet nested inside another subnet it won't work? That is to say, I have one router creating one subnet, and then inside that subnet, I have connected another router creating another subnet. That would explain why I can't get this hint to work for me. The network looks like this:
internet -> router -> computers on subnet 1
                     router -> computers on subnet 2
Then, if I'm understanding this correctly, it's a serial vs. parallel type of setup, right? That's what you mean by "on the same wires", right? How would I set it up so that the two routers are parallel to each other? I would have to split the connection to the two routers with a hub, and then join the networks back together with another hub, right? And then the computers would have the choice as to which networks they would want to be on, right? How would DHCP work, then? Only one router could have DHCP turned on, right? The network would look like this:
internet -> hub -> router -> hub -> computers
                  \       /
And then, and only then, could I have my computer connected to both subnets, right? I'm kinda new to working this in-depth with networks... anyone care to answer my guesses?

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Configuring Parallel Subnets... HELP!
Authored by: Echidna on Sep 21, '04 03:45:56PM
Upon further consideration, I suppose both routers in my second diagram would need their own IP address. So, it would really take three routers to get the job done as I have drawn it. More practically, could I do something a little less intuitive - have the internet go from the first router into a hub, and then the second router comes out of that hub, and then plugs directly back in. It would make a loop in the network, and look something like this:

router ->   hub  -> computers
       /          \
      |            |
       \          /
So, I could essentially keep everything setup in the way I drew my first diagram, only I would throw a cable looping back from out of one of the LAN ports of the second router back into the subnet of the first router. Would this work?

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Configuring Parallel Subnets... Got it!
Authored by: Echidna on Sep 21, '04 06:16:53PM

OK, sorry for all the replies. I did get it working then, simply by crossing the two networks with a cable. Thanks! Great hint!

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Configuring Parallel Subnets... Got it!
Authored by: argh128 on Sep 21, '04 06:46:39PM


In general bridging separate networks like this is a BAD idea. Their area usually reasons for networks to be separate. For example: restricting access to data. Keeping one network separate from the WWW.. etc

In fact, some companies can get really pissed when you do something like this... my University will cut your connection if you bridge a network like this.


A completely SANE Canadian.

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Open Stream
Authored by: gourls on Sep 21, '04 06:59:21PM
This is kind of a weird way to ask, but does anybody know how to do the iTunes open stream thing? When I type in a URL and hit OK, the name of the URL I typed in comes up, but I hear nothing. Yes, I have the volume up. I just don't get how it works.

School is a hard had better believe it.

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Another iTunes local subnet sharing workaround
Authored by: quest on Sep 22, '04 03:08:16AM
You can do the same thing with modttl and Network Beacon.

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doesn't work in dual-subnet (one "nested" inside the other)
Authored by: zenox on Sep 22, '04 08:43:34PM
I described my network setup in the following thread:

iTunes Sharing on "dual-subnet" network (on

...and this trick doesn't work (as said in some comments above)...
if anyone could help getting it working on that kind network it would be really appreciated...

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