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Paste multiple bookmarks into Safari Web Browsers
I just discovered that Safari will allow the pasting of multiple bookmarks into a new bookmark folder, and it became a HUGE boon to productivity for me. In my case, it went like this .... I was reading my weekly Apple Developer Connection email (which I take in plain-text, thank you), and lamented that I wanted to save all of the links for later browsing, but basically needed to revisit the email each time and poke around for the link of interest.

Recalling that CopyPaste-X has a feature called the URL Extractor, in which all text is stripped except for what it recognizes as URLs, I applied it to the Dev Connection email and recieved a tidy list of 19 URLs. I copied these to my clipboard, created a new Bookmark folder within my Developer bookmarks folder in Safari, and with the new folder still selected/highlighted, I tried a Command-V, just for fun.

Voila! All of the URLs pasted exactly as would be expected, and Safari even did its best to name each one, utilizing either the domain name (if that was all there was to the URL) or the part of the URL after the initial domain (if there was one). Fantastic!

This is where the developers at Apple truly shine, in anticipating every little nuance of the user experience and making sure that there are hooks in place if you want to take advantage of them. I know that this tip leverages a third party utility in my case, but it remains valid in that it is an incredible timesaver if you happen to have a list of links on your clipboard -- say from an old bookmarks html file? This is a bit of an inverse of this hint.
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Paste multiple bookmarks into Safari
Authored by: xyz3 on Aug 31, '04 11:34:50AM

Not sure if this one is in here, but if you go into the bookmarks mode, you can also drag folders of bookmaks to your desktop, and all the urls will be recreated.

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Paste multiple bookmarks into Safari
Authored by: osxpounder on Aug 31, '04 02:14:03PM

Nice! Deserves to be a hint on its own, that.


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Paste multiple bookmarks into Safari
Authored by: paulrob on Aug 31, '04 03:28:41PM

Nice hint. But actually there's no need to use a 3rd party app.

Highlight your email. Drag and drop to the bookmarks folder in Safari. Safari filters out anything that's not a URL - might include the sender's email address (and any other URL like mailto:) if you're not picky enough.

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Paste multiple bookmarks into Safari
Authored by: dashard on Aug 31, '04 04:38:45PM

Even better!

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Paste multiple bookmarks into Safari
Authored by: chancer on Sep 01, '04 02:05:51AM

That sounds great! But I can't get it to work. I can't drag anything from Mail to Safari. How do you do it? Anyone willing to give idiot directions?



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Paste multiple bookmarks into Safari
Authored by: chancer on Sep 01, '04 02:07:50AM

Well, never mind. I just tried copying and pasting and that worked like a dream. Actually easier than dragging and dropping anyhow.


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paste mutiple URL's into Downloads window
Authored by: mugget on Sep 06, '04 02:42:10AM

hey that's a cool tip.

another thing i found is that you can select a whole bunch or URL's from a site, that is if they're displayed as text, then go to the Downloads window in Safari and paste them. all of the URL's will begin to download.

i guess you could bookmark vids or pics that you want to get, then bookmark then for later, then come back, copy them, & paste into the Downloads window. i'll have to try that later.

great stuff!

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