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Repair broken .Mac webmail access Internet
For about the past two months, I have been unable to access .Mac's webmail page. Whenever I would try to login, I'd get a message saying "Sorry, the service is not available, please try again later." It didn't matter if I was at home or at work, using the G5 or the PowerBook -- I couldn't get into webmail, but all other .Mac services worked, as did other Apple services that use the same login ID.

When the problem first started, I wrote to .Mac support, and we had been having an ongoing dialog in attempts to repair the problem. They had me create a new user and enter my existing account info; no go. Then they had me create a new .Mac trial account, and that worked fine (in both my primary and new users). But my existing ID still didn't work.

Today, .Mac support wrote back with one astoundingly simple suggestion that I had never thought to try -- resetting my .Mac password. Duh! Once I had done that through the main .Mac account page, webmail was instantly functional again. Somehow, the webmail portion of .Mac thought I was giving it an incorrect password, even though I could use my iDisk, login to the Developer site, and update my .Mac homepage. So if you're having trouble with webmail, try a quick password reset.
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Repair broken .Mac webmail access
Authored by: mm2270 on Aug 19, '04 11:37:35AM

Were you by any chance using Safari to access webmail?
The reason I ask is because I've had similar problems as yours, and it was due to Safari's penchant for caching and insisting on using bad data from it's cache. For example, if you type in your password wrong when accessing mail, it will sometimes keep that bad password in it's cache and use that each time you try to log in, giving you an error message such as described in this hint.

In my case, I fixed this by using Safari's built-in cache emptying command (in the Safari menu), then quitting and restarting Safari. I don't know that the same steps would have worked in this hint author's case, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

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Repair broken .Mac webmail access
Authored by: gourls on Aug 19, '04 08:23:45PM
Thank you Rob. I don't have a .Mac webmail account, but someday I may have one. I will remember your hint for future considerations. Good job, as always. You rock!

Brita L. Moore

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Repair broken .Mac iChat / AIM access
Authored by: danieleran on Aug 20, '04 07:25:34PM

I had a similar problem with .Mac when I created a new password; my new password was too long.

I was able to use everything else (iDisk, webmail, email) but couldn't sign into AIM using iChat. It gave me no errors, just told me my account information was wrong. I tried changing my password a couple times using AIM (which directs you to Apple's site) and waited thinking that some time would be required to propagate the new password through AIM's servers or something.

It got me thinking when the .Mac system preferences panel wouldn't store the password, even though it worked in Mail and other places.

Only after I tried a shorter password did everything immediately start working again. It was frustrating that nowhere in the account password creation or login is there any suggestion that long passwords don't work in iChat/AIM.

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