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Stream any audio to an AirPort Express Network
I saw the recent Nicecast hint for doing audio to multiple audio apps today. Much more interesting to more people (I assume), is this article. According to the article, it looks like Nicecast can be used in conjunction with the iTunes, to send audio from other apps to the AirPort Express. So, if you want to send audio from, say, RealPlayer, this will do that. It takes the audio from the original app, makes an MP3 stream which iTunes can tune in to. iTunes can then be set to send this stream out to the AirPort Express.

Check out the article, it gives a lot more detail on the required setup steps...
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Stream any audio to an AirPort Express | 8 comments | Create New Account
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iTunes to iTunes
Authored by: rottiepaws on Aug 18, '04 03:13:49PM

I'd like to be able to use airtunes between 2 Macs. I have a 2.1 speaker system set up for my Mac that sounds great when I am sitting at my Mac, but when I get up I have a sound system connected to my other Mac. It would be nice if I could continue to listen to the same playlist over the other set of speakers.

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iTunes to iTunes
Authored by: pecosbill on Aug 18, '04 07:46:28PM

The hint described would do just that without using AirTunes but with the two Macs networked, all you would need is to share your tunes on the local network (in preferences). Then just play from the other Mac.

Pecos Bill

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Stream any audio to an AirPort Express
Authored by: mnewman on Aug 19, '04 12:22:51AM

I tried this with DVD player. It works. Unfortunately, the sound delay is several seconds so the audio is no longer in sync with the video. Impossible to watch. It sure would be swell if Apple, or someone, would build AirTunes support into a DVD player.

I suppose that overcoming the sound delay problem would be tough. It would have to be a variable setting depending on network conditions.

Oh, well....

Mike Newman
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AirPort Express video possibilities
Authored by: DelVach on Aug 19, '04 10:51:12AM
I wouldn't be surprised if they came out with a device similar to Airport Express with an s-video out, and I'm hoping they do. This little router lets me pipe iTunes to the downstairs sound system (controlled with Salling Clicker on a T610), and being able to do video (DVD, Quicktime, VLC, etc.) would give me a reason to start archiving my DVDs as files.

The delay would make such a device unusable for a second (or third) monitor, but would fit really well into the way Apple is migrating towards becoming a service provider, and get them in the PVR market.

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Stream any audio to an AirPort Express
Authored by: gshenaut on Aug 21, '04 12:58:59PM

You know, some videos/dvds don't seem to be all that well synchronized anyway. Since it's all digital, it doesn't seem that it would be all that hard to have a slidebar to control the audio lead/lag relative to the video, and it would sometimes help even in normal playback (and it could also be fun to play with--remember the scene in "Singing in the Rain" with the out-of-sync movie?

Greg Shenaut

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Stream any audio to an AirPort Express
Authored by: sim on Sep 17, '04 10:23:12PM

In VLC you can adjust the delay in ms for audio streams in preferences. Just use negative values to delay the video (or advance the audio). I think you have to stop (not pause) and play the movie before changes take effect.

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Stream any audio to an AirPort Express
Authored by: driblette on Sep 21, '04 08:27:28AM

I have the same problem. The nicecast option does work, but it is a lot of work. I listen to BBC today programme almost every morning, and coming from a standalone player, the sound cannot be 'jacked. Technically it should be feasible to write and app that will make dvd sound over Ax possible. I wonder why apple has not thought of this.

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Stream any audio to an AirPort Express with Airfoil
Authored by: skippingrock on Apr 02, '06 07:12:40AM

Rogue Amoeba has a new program now to do all that. It is called Airfoil. It allows you to control more than one AirPort Express and send any App's audio with ease.

Check out the demo. Looks good so far.

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