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Display sports scores (and more) on the desktop Internet
I'd like to share a pretty cool use of Steven Frank's (of Panic) free WebDesktop program, which allows you to "layer" a webpage over your desktop on Mac OS X. My trick uses's BottomLine, a free, real-time headlines and scores tracker. Here's what it looks like on the Desktop

It's really simple to create. Just download and install WebDesktop. Once you have it running, open the BottomLine location via the WebDesktop -> Open Location menu item. You'll want to use the regular URL and not the JavaScript popup version.

Once the applet is loaded, simply resize the WebDesktop window using the widget at the bottom right so it looks good, then move it to the bottom of the screen. When you switch to a different application, WebDesktop's title bar disappears, leaving you with the spiffy looking BottomLine, the envy of all your friends.

[robg adds: WebDesktop is somewhat like GeekTool, a previous Pick of the Week, except that it can display full web pages instead of just images. If you've got the screen real estate for it, this really opens up a world of possibilities for continually updated background information...]

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Display sports scores (and more) on the desktop
Authored by: whgiii on Aug 03, '04 11:05:35AM

When I switch to a different app, I lose "Bottomline." What am I doing wrong?

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bad frame rate
Authored by: fitzymj on Aug 03, '04 11:51:01AM

When I have a Safari window running a Flash movie (like BottomLine) that doesn't have focus, the Flash seems to run at half the frame rate (or at least only displays every other frame). The same performance hit occurs with WebDesktop, as it never has focus. This really takes away from the smoothness and coolness factor of the BottomLine. Anyone have a way to get around this, or know where there is a setting I can change to fix this?

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Display sports scores (and more) on the desktop
Authored by: jchapman on Aug 03, '04 11:54:02AM

Note that WebDesktop will always open the panicware site on launch. Also note that you can manually set the window size and position by editing the application's preference file. To display the espn bar at the top of my 1024x768 monitor with no wasted vertical space, I use:
<string>{{0, 702}, {1024, 44}}</string>

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Display sports scores (and more) on the desktop
Authored by: howdesign on Aug 03, '04 07:08:11PM

I find it just as easy to use WindowShade X to keep a transparent browser window on my desktop that can move around.

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