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Mail.appetizer - Better new mail notification Pick of the Week
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[This is the Pick of the Week for the week of July 19th]

Mail.appetizer is a plug-in for Apple's Mail that provides a much more informative "new mail" preview than the standard "red number in the dock icon." With Mail.appetizer installed, you'll instead see a semi-transparent pop-up displaying the message sender, subject, mailbox, and a bit of the content of the message, along with a count of new messages. If you click in the window, you'll see the next new message, or (if there are no more) close the window. If you control-click the window, the current message is read; shift-control-clicking deletes the message. If you click on the subject, you'll open the email in Mail. Finally, you can dismiss all notifications by clicking the close widget, or dismiss the notifications for the current box only by control-clicking the close widget.

Mail.appetizer installs with a double-click, and works directly from Mail. It adds a new Mail preference (Notification), through which you control its behavior. You can specify a font family and size, degree of transparency, whether or not to show the header titles and mailbox name, and if you'd like it to automatically advance to the next message after a certain amount of time. About the only thing you can't do is pick which mailboxes are subject to Mail.appetizer's pop-ups, although that's promised for the next release. It does, however, run after all of your rules have been processed, and it skips the Junk mail folder (whew!).

If you ever get sick of the pop-ups, you can either just turn off the notification, or run the installer again, which includes an Uninstall option.
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Mail.appetizer - Awesome!!
Authored by: pairof9s on Jul 27, '04 12:42:29PM

I've been using this solution for about 4 weeks now and I am definitely sold. It is a great Mail add-on and I recommend it to anyone who uses and leaves on Mail constantly. Its method of providing you a view of your new mail w/out being overtly intrusive is just awesome.

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Mail.appetizer - Better new mail notification
Authored by: timkingman on Jul 27, '04 12:52:00PM

The 1.1 beta I've been running for a few weeks has mailbox selection. That interface has a few minor quirks, but it seems to work well.

The only problem I have is that a large batch of new mail (like checking the first time in the morning) has a tendency to either really tie up or hang Mail. 1.1b is much better than 1.0 in that regard, though. Even with a few minor flaws, this is a great little utility that has saved me MANY trips to my inbox.

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Mail.appetizer - Better new mail notification
Authored by: aranor on Jul 27, '04 06:20:15PM

I used Desktop Manager and keep Mail on its own Desktop. This made checking new mail *very* annoying. But ever since the 1.1b release came out (I can't use 1.0 as I'm on some high-volume lists) I've been a very happy person. I have it only show new mail for my inbox and I can deal with it no matter what I'm currently doing rather than having to switch to Mail just to find out it's a spam message.

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Mail.appetizer - Better new mail notification
Authored by: Jay on Jul 28, '04 05:34:24PM
Wow! This is brilliant! It's just like the Windows Outlook notification windows, except much better looking and useful. This is one of those "how have I gotten along without it" add-ons. Thanks!

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Mail.appetizer - Better new mail notification
Authored by: Elander on Jul 29, '04 08:23:06AM
If you like this, you should check out MacBiff. It places a menu in the menu bar, with just a number showing you the total numer of unread mail messages that are waiting for you in all your mail accounts. It works with IMAP and POP, but not gmail.

When you pull down the menu, it will show you how many messages are wating on each server, and in the respective mail boxes on each. Select a mailbox and you'll see the arrival time, sender name and subject of each message in that mail box.

I have no affiliation with the author(s), just like the product. You can also select "Launch Mail" to launch your mail application (it doesn't have to be

It's free, and you can find it here:

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Mail.appetizer - Better new mail notification
Authored by: epenthesis on Aug 03, '04 10:31:02AM
Note that this is compatible with the MailPictures plugin -- if you have both installed, the picture of the sender will appear in the floating preview pane. I love this, because it means that when I hear my new mail alert from across the room, I can see who sent the message without walking all the way over there. In fact, I'm going to create logo icons for organizations that regularly send me mail (eBay, Friendster, Nerve, political groups, etc.) so I don't miss a thing.

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