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Watch iTunes visualizer through transparent windows Apps
OK, this is beyond useless, but cool. I recently read this article and thought the idea of seeing through your workspace was cool. Sure, you could use this to collaborate, but why not use it to make web browsing or email, or writing a letter a little bit more exciting? So I looked around here for how to create transparent windows and found Windowshade. Now, I have the itunes visualizer going in the background (or sometimes a DVD), with a transparent Safari or Word Processor or Email window (created by WindowShade when I double-click the title bar) on top. It really is amazing how you can switch attention between the two. And nothing is more soothing than having your web pages "flow." Of course, this may cut your productivity or cause epilspsy :-) Still, it is cool and a testament to the power of Quartz.

Incidentally, this hint was also neat, but this method allows for a wider range of applications, layers, diversions, and let's you set the degree of transparency (really important in finding the balance between cool and usable).

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Watch iTunes visualizer through transparent windows
Authored by: ppatoray on Jul 20, '04 10:38:51AM

Another program you could use to do this is GeekBind, a preference pane that allows you to bind keyboard shortcuts to increase or decrease the alpha of the window under the mouse, among other things.

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Watch iTunes visualizer through transparent windows
Authored by: maddys_daddy on Jul 20, '04 12:38:49PM

Dude, what a simple, yet awesome tip. That app is definitely worth 10 of my hard earned shekels. While many may just see this as a "cool and fun" trick, it can be incredibly useful, too. For example, the transparent window tip is great for transcribing text. I already do this often with transparent terminal windows, when I need to write commands in a terminal that I'm reading from some other doc (e.g. scripting tutorial), when copy/paste just won't work (i.e. different parameters/paths/etc.) or is too time consuming (switching windows 3,865 times during a scripting tutorial sucks, even with expose, and I don't have the screen real estate for both!). And the "minimize in place" feature is just like the "iconify" feature that you find in so many Linux window managers--and so is the "roll-up" minimizing--both of which I use often on my linux box. Now time to break out the old visa and head over to Unsanity.

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Watch iTunes visualizer through transparent windows
Authored by: mark hunte on Jul 20, '04 03:40:25PM

I can see this coming in real handy

I dont have iChat Av but I guess you could use this hint to work
on one window and view your iChat Av connection under it.


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transparent windows: GeekBind Preference Pane
Authored by: tbolt502 on Jul 20, '04 10:57:35PM

Windowshade looks well useful ...

The GLPed "GeekBind 2.0" preference pane recommended in the hint above is also well worth looking at. Very flexible and easy to use.

I did not find any documentation, but it is straight forward to use:
- unzip & drag the "GeekBind.prefPane" file into your Library (I assume either system or user will work)
- in the System Preference in the "GeekBind" panel, set a key binding (keyboard short-cut) for "increase alpha of window" & "decrease alpha of window" options. You can then use these two key binding to increase or decrease the transparency of any window under the mouse.

There are some other options for other window actions with key binds. I have not gone through all of it, but the alpha (transparency) looks the mosty useful. (Not as many features as WindowShade, it what GeekBind has seems useful.)

Too other significant bouses:
- GLP!
- keyboard based

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