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Create an iTunes 'work safe' smart playlist Apps
This came while doing some work in a place where we couldn't use headphones, but could listen to music, every now and then we'd run across a song that wasn't... appropriate. First I added a rule to my Smart Playlist I was using (a general one that has the genres I list to most). In the first drop down menu, I changed "artist" to "Comment," then "Contains" to "Does not Contain," and finally, in the text box, I typed in "not work safe."

Next I saved the following script as an application (with no startup screen) in my user's Library -> iTunes -> Scripts (I called it 'iTunes Not Work Safe').
tell application "iTunes"
  set newcomment to (comment of current track) & " Not Work Safe"
  set (comment of current track) to newcomment
end tell
Now if I run into a song that isn't work safe, I click on the script menu in iTunes, and select iTunes Not Work Safe, and that song will be removed from the smart playlist.
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Another Way
Authored by: neffs on Jun 28, '04 05:37:35PM

A better way in my opinion is to add a new playlist named "not work safe"
then select in the smart playlist
playlist is not "not work safe"

i made a smart playlist for the party shuffle feature:
genre is not spoken content
genre is not comedy
bitrate is greater than 120
time is greater than 1:30 (no intro tracks)
playlist is not "not work safe"

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Another Way
Authored by: BMarsh on Jun 28, '04 06:34:16PM

Yes, many valid ways of using this one.

I don't use the Party Shuffle for general use myself, I tend to just listen without wanting to add in "requests", which is why I recommended just modifying an existing Smart Playlist with the "Not Work Safe" comment check.

will be interesting to see what other idea's people come up with for this =)

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Create an iTunes 'work safe' smart playlist
Authored by: nowakca on Jun 29, '04 12:12:16AM

The way I do it is to change the purpose of the Stars system...

I have 5 stars mean "Clean" music
I have 4 stars mean "Unclean" music
I have 2 stars mean "Book" content (Audible, Books on CD)
I have 1 star mean "Utility" content (iTrip stuff)

So, I make a smart playlist with Stars=5 for Clean Music, one with Stars>=4 for "Music in general", and Start=0 for stuff I haven't classified yet.

Occasionally I put a song in clean that shouldn't be there. With this, I can modify the star setting on my iPod, and next time I sync, the song gets moved out of my Clean list

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Great hint
Authored by: sinjin on Jun 29, '04 01:45:11PM

I like the original post, nice and simple.

I have a "Sanitized" Smart Playlist that filters out songs that have the word "Explicit" in the comments. I used to manually add the word "Explicit" to the comments field for a track when I noticed it, but this was cumbersome, requiring many clicks. Now I just run this script and the deed it done (actually I just hit my key-combo in Launchbar 4 to do it, no clicks.)


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a music keywords or "tunetags" application
Authored by: Krioni on Aug 09, '04 11:42:15AM
I posted something that can help with this at this thread. Here's what I wrote:

When reading this discussion a long time ago, it gave me the idea for an application. TuneTags is what I came up with: TuneTags is an application that works with iTunes to let you add keywords, or "tunetags" to your music. Check it out at TuneTags on

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