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Use multiple iTunes libraries via fast user switching Apps
After struggling with an option that allowed me to story my main iTunes library on a file server, whilst still having a second (smaller) library that I can take with me when I'm on the road, I concocted the following concept. Create a second user account specifically for sharing music and relocate the iTunes library to the external server. Then share the music.

Go back to your main account, and you'll have access to this new library through iTunes wonderful sharing ability.

This has a few advantages over the option of creating a Rendezvous-capable linux box: Music can still be ripped to the main library, and playlists can still be created and edited; all with a simple fast user switch.

[robg adds: My question to the author was "why do you need a second user? Why not just use the external server from your primary user?" His response was that he wanted a smaller library stored directly on his machine (a PowerBook). Now, when he travels, the larger 'shared' library just vanishes, and he's left with the smaller local library, all with no copying required.]
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Use multiple iTunes libraries via fast user switching
Authored by: jspivack on Jun 22, '04 02:42:14PM
I am planning to do something similar using Libra . It would have the advantage of not having to FUS and create and login a second user. I'm not quite sure yet how I'm going to get it to happen (just haven't had the time to investigate it yet), but I'll update this thread with the results. One question for other Libra users: there's no app-specific ApplieScript library, is there? I would love to have a script which would check to see if the external drive is mounted, then tell Libra to switch to that iTunes library and then launch iTunes.

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Use multiple iTunes libraries via fast user switching
Authored by: jeaginsky on Jun 22, '04 02:57:40PM

of course, owning an iPod can take a lot of redundancy out of the picture.
PodWorks is a nice little iPod-> drive music exporter as well

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Use multiple iTunes libraries via fast user switching
Authored by: stepwallace on Jun 22, '04 09:30:22PM

I looked into using libra for keeping two separate libraries, but this meant you had to make a choice which songs you could view, or have duplicates in your portable and permanent library.

This way duplication was unnecessary. But I'd love to hear your successes.

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Use multiple iTunes libraries via fast user switching
Authored by: Anonymous on Sep 07, '04 07:27:54AM

I also have a powerbook with about 2gb of music and a full library( 25GB) on a firewire disk.

The only problem i have found is that you have to manually change your music location in preferences. If you don't then it will add new tunes to the location specified in your default library.

still not a bad solution...

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Use multiple iTunes libraries via fast user switching
Authored by: bclapp on Sep 06, '04 08:16:17PM

I am trying to accomplish this same challenge. I have a large linux fileserver where I store all my music. I would like to be able to fully access it through itunes on my powerbook G4. I also use my pb to load my ipod full of mp3s. So if you could lead me in the right direction on how you managed to do this please e-mail me at

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Use multiple iTunes libraries via fast user switching
Authored by: brainlego on Jul 12, '05 08:19:48AM

Just a quick question about SAMBA sharing, long filenames and special characters.

I'm using an itunes library mounted via SMB from a Fedora Core 3 linux box. I have itunes set to organise my music library and i'm finding music which has extra long filenames gets abbreviated during the process. Special characters like 'ΓΌ' appear as underscores and in some cases these "unconventionally named" files have disappeared...hmm...

Can anybody recommend a good setup? I think I'm using EXT2 as a drive format also. I was using NFS shares previously which seemed to handle the long filename issue better, but i've moved to a more open studio environment and thought SMB would offer a little more security. Maybe there's a rogue package I need to install on the fedora box perhaps...?

suggestions welcome...

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Replacing the xml library on mount/unmount?
Authored by: EntangleMint on Sep 28, '05 11:50:22PM

This seems to be a common problem! Has there been any thought of maintaining multiple "Itunes Music Library.xml" files and having a script which runs on mount/unmount of an external HD which automatically close itunes, replaces the xml music library and restarts itunes? Would it be possible to modify the default library location to the new drive so that music can be added normally? As I envision it, I would have all libraries contain the local most played tracks in addition to the various extended libraries (at home, at work, on the road etc.) residing on the other drives. I have to admit that I don't know if this is possible or not, but thought I'd throw the idea out there.

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