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Launch fink apps from xterm in Apple's X11 UNIX
I like fink because it's relatively simple to set up. For convenience, I use it only with binaries -- Tetex, GnuCash, xnmap, ... everything works with a few clicks of a mouse. But it took me ages to figure out the path problem. For some reason, Apple X11's xterm couldn't remember fink's /sw/bin path. I configured ~/.xinitrc (as recommended in fink FAQ and earlier hints) and various bash profiles. But I never got it right. The fink FAQ recommends to prefix fink applications with a source command. That works nicely. For example:
source /sw/bin/ ; gnucash
But I don't want to prefix every command I type in a terminal window. For example, when sudo-ing xnmap or running latex on a file several times before launching xdvi. The fink FAQ recommends to customize applications in the Applications menu in X11 with the source prefix. That works. In X11, I chose Applications -> GnuCash to launch GnuCash. Very nice, indeed.

And here's the hint: Do the same with xterm. In Apple X11's Applications menu, choose Customize... and change the default entry for xterm to:
source /sw/bin/ ; xterm -sb
That's it. fink applications launch in X11 from a command line. No need to configure system files, write shell scripts or prefix commands individually with source /sw/bin/ BTW, I use -sb to add a scrollbar to the xterm window.

I don't know if this hint is too obvious. The trick is that xterm is not a fink application. xterm launches also without the source prefix (which xterm returns /usr/X11R6/bin/xterm), so it took some time before I tried to prefix it also.
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Launch fink apps from xterm in Apple's X11
Authored by: wgscott on Jun 21, '04 11:11:38AM


source /sw/bin/init.csh


if (! $?DISPLAY) then
  setenv DISPLAY :0.0

in your .cshrc or .tcshrc file, and now you can do the same from

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Launch fink apps from xterm in Apple's X11
Authored by: gshenaut on Jun 21, '04 02:01:02PM
I use ksh, but this would also work for bash and other sh derivatives:
if [ -e /sw/bin/ ] ; then
    . /sw/bin/
The "if" will avoid error messages if fink isn't installed. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to do something like that with *csh too.

Greg Shenaut

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Launch fink apps from xterm in Apple's X11
Authored by: Detrius on Jun 21, '04 05:55:41PM

Open fink X11 apps from Terminal:

open-x11 xmahjongg
open-x11 xemacs

I hate to say it, but I never had the problem you listed; However, I changed my shell from bash to tcsh in Netinfo.

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Launch fink apps from xterm in Apple's X11
Authored by: Ranger Rick on Jun 22, '04 07:47:45AM

All you really need to do to set up your xinitrc is to do:

echo "source /sw/bin/" > ~/.xinitrc
cat /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc >> ~/.xinitrc

...basically, all you need is Apple's xinitrc, but with the source line at the top. You still need to put "source /sw/bin/ " in the apple menu ones though, because those menu items are created before the xinitrc is processed, so they don't know about the environment that it sets up.

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