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Share OS X files to a modded XBox machine Network
A modded Xbox makes a great media player. Xbox Media Center can be set up to play movies from Samba (Windows) shares in your network. To make your Mac files accessible from Xbox media center you can take the following steps:
  1. Enable "Windows Sharing" in the "Sharing" control panel.

  2. Create a new user for keeping your shared files (for convenience and security). Use the "Accounts" control panel to create a new user and password (for example "share/share").

  3. Login as the new user. Delete the existing "Movies", "Music" and "Pictures" directories from the new user's directory. Create new soft links to the movie, music and picture directories you want to share. This must be done with the ln -s command from the terminal (ordinary aliases won't work). Suppose you have the files you want to share in /Download/Movies, /Download/Mp3 and /Users/mrx/Pictures. Then you would fire up the terminal (while still logged in as Share) and write:
    ln -s /Download/Movies Movies
    ln -s /Download/Mp3 Music
    ln -s /Users/mrx/Pictures Pictures
  4. Make sure that the files you want to share have the right permissions. They must be readable by the user "share" since the Xbox will try to read them from that account. Open "Get Info" for the folders and make sure that "Others" have "Read only" access. Apply to all enclosed items.
Now everything is setup on the Mac side. To setup the Xbox, read the rest of the hint...

Start the Xbox and launch the Xbox Media Center.
  1. Once Xbox Media Center is launched, use your Mac to login to the configuration page of Xbox Media Center by entering http://{your-xbox-ip-address}/ in the Safari address bar.

  2. Select "Configure > bookmarks > Add new bookmark" from the configuration page. Select the category "Videos", give the bookmark a suitable name and enter the address:
    Repeat (with different categories) for your music and picture bookmarks.
  3. Select "load / save > Save" from the configuration page.

  4. Reboot your xbox.

  5. Start Xbox Media Center again. Now you should be able to access your Mac shares.
Best of luck.
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Share OS X files to a modded XBox machine
Authored by: seven5 on Jun 15, '04 10:48:45AM
i agree using XBMC is a great addition to your home, especially if you have multiple xboxs set up around your house. My XBMC is easily the coolest thing i have setup.

But i disagree with this hint, i think this is going a bit far, if you want an easier router, read this tutorial i wrote up for the XBMC boards on

To see some screen shots of my XBMC look here:

If anyone has any other questions about xbmc let me know, i'd be willing to answer them. XBMC is amazing.

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Share OS X files to a modded XBox machine
Authored by: zelet on Jun 16, '04 02:43:05AM

I have xbmc and I created a playlist of songs that are on my linux server (smb share). When I load the playlist (about 500 songs) it more or less crashes xbmc (latest build). Is there a way to have playlists without crashing xbmc?


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Share OS X files to a modded XBox machine
Authored by: ragengs on Jun 15, '04 04:11:48PM

Well there is an another way to do this is to use webmin and samba to create shares (smb.conf)

It is easy and webmin helps you manage a lot of other things like apache, postfix, mysql etc..

my preference instead of using a lot of different apps
u need the programmer tools to be installed.

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Share OS X files to a modded XBox machine
Authored by: seven5 on Jun 15, '04 07:10:35PM

webmin works, but is highly known for its insecurity. Its a great newbie interface to the unix world, but if one were to get your root password, you're basically giving them a web interface to destroy your computer, rather than them actually knowing what they're doing at the command line.

Not to mention that this is os x were talking about here, we dont need webmin, we have plenty of support for all our services. The gnu os's could use this kind of support.

Pretty much everything that webmin does, you can do with local native software.

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Share OS X files to a modded XBox machine
Authored by: mhorn on Jun 15, '04 07:32:43PM
You could also use SharePoints to configure the shares directly instead of using symbolic links.

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Share OS X files to a modded XBox machine
Authored by: curb on Jun 16, '04 10:51:36AM

For those of you who may want to do this even quicker, please consider this Unix-based method.

1. In the terminal, open /etc/smb.conf in your favourite text editor. (If you are at all a little paranoid, make a copy first.) This will most likely require sudo.

Add a section for the specific folder that you want to share. Something like this:
path = /Volumes/FireWireDrive
read only = yes
browseable = no

You can read the manual pages for smb.conf for more details.

2. Turn on Windows Sharing in System Preferences.

3. In XBoxMediaCenter.xml enter the path to your newly shared folder:

Notice that share_name must match in both smb.conf and XBoxMediaCenter.xml. For completeness, user is your OS X username, pass is your password, ip is your Mac's ip address.

4. Of course, you need to upload your new .xml file to your Xbox.

5. Now you have access to that share from XBMC.

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Share OS X files to a modded XBox machine
Authored by: seven5 on Jun 16, '04 11:31:55AM

the link i provided in the first comment is using SharePoints. It also provides a tutorial on how to use it. I'd like to reiterate, as an xbmc user, that the original hint is overkill, and i'm not sure exactly why this guy is doing things this way.

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Share OS X files to a modded XBox machine
Authored by: Logistical on Aug 12, '04 01:44:44AM

You Know you don't have to use your ip address you can use your computer name. I do it this way because my computers are setup using a DHCP router and the ip address are always changing.
I set up shares with share point then for example a share would be


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