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Repair missing symbolic links with Disk Utility System
If, for whatever reason, you (or the reason) delete vital symbolic links (such as /var, /etc, /Library/ColorSync/Scripts, etc.), you can restore them using a Permissions Repair. After running the GNU cleanlinks utility (thankfully not as root!), I found that it had deleted over half of my system's vital links (and tried to delete the other half, but fortunately ran into a 'permission denied' problem).

I opened Disk Utility, selected my main hard drive and clicked the 'Repair Disk Permissions' button, and Disk Utility ran through setting up symbolic links for everything again:
Contents/Frameworks/GLResourceViewer.framework/Resources repaired
Symbolic link ./Developer/Applications/Graphics Tools/OpenGL repaired
Symbolic link ./Library/ColorSync/Scripts repaired
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Repair missing symbolic links with Disk Utility
Authored by: imageworx on Jun 11, '04 01:58:41PM
This is not so for me. I Ran Disk utility after doing a forced prebind and found files needed to be re-linked. Doing a prebind again (after a logut/reboot), still shows link problems.

....2004-06-11 13:50:08.564 update_prebinding[480] redo_prebinding on /usr/sbin/ can't be redone for: /usr/sbin/ (for architecture ppc) because larger updated load commands do not fit (the program must be relinked)....

1529 files successfully prebound, 56 files unsuccessfully prebound.

Seems APC Powerchute, Epson Libraries, iSync, iPhoto, iMovie, iCal, and FontAgentPro (Left a volume link to company drive!) are all problematic.

BTW, I just typed this in the terminal: sudo update_prebind -root / -force

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Not the same thing
Authored by: vogunaescht on Jun 11, '04 02:11:59PM

imageworx, you are confusing two different things. The hint is about symbolic links (do a "man ln" in the terminal). You're talking about programs, that need to be relinked (do a "man ld" in the terminal).

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Not the same thing
Authored by: imageworx on Jun 13, '04 04:37:51PM

Yes, you are right. I am confused about this. And to WHY I am getting re-link errors and HOW to fix this.

MAN LD gives nothing in the Terminal; MAN LN gives text on links Hard and symbolic. I guess you refer that my issue is with HARD links; these need re-linking.

Again, why are certain iApps not hard linked and what is simplest process to fix? If I type "link [filename]" in terminal, this will fix it?

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Not the same thing
Authored by: Anonymous on Jun 13, '04 10:17:37PM

For filesystems that support links, hard links are simply copies of a file.

What you are having problems with has nothing to do with file system links of any kind. The kind of linking you are referring to is static or dynamic object-code linking. These are two totally different things.

That is, there is no such concept as a "hard link" in the context of object code linking.

In your case, the prebinding process is failing to prebind the dynamic links for a particular executable. The fact that the error message reports the executable needs to be relinked suggests that there is a problem that redo_prebinding cannot resolve.

I'm guessing that the APC Powerchute app was compiled and linked for a previous release of OS X, and a recent update has broken something. The Apple Dev pages have all kinds of suggestions on how to minimize this problem in code released for OS X.


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Not the same thing
Authored by: imageworx on Jun 14, '04 09:59:24AM

Thanks. This clears it up a bit more. I'll check the dev papers.
But its ironic that I get this with iApps (iMovie, iCal...) and they are all up to date.

But since they work and not crash, I guess its not too serious...
(famous last words).


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How Disk Utility repair perms works..
Authored by: cynikal on Jun 11, '04 05:09:59PM

In case you are wondering, or if it stops working and you're wondering why..

All it does basically is look through your /Library/Receipts, which keeps a list of all installed packages (including the packages such as BaseSystem that are on the installation CD), and what files were installed (along with their permissions).

The reason I know this is because a friend of mine erased his /Library/Receipts cuz he thought he didn't need it, and lo and behold, this Disk Utility repair permissions stopped working (and no, i am not my own friend).

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