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Use stty to facilitate interactive script input UNIX
I noticed that under some circumstances, such as using "gets" in tcl, or "read" in certain shell scripts, that when I made a typo and pressed the "delete" key to back up, it just echoed ^H at me and didn't erase the mistake. After some fiddling around, I discovered that if I ran the command
    stty erase ^H
things started working correctly. I guess the erase character wasn't getting set automatically, but the shells were reading input in raw mode and doing their own editing so I hadn't ever realized it. (Or maybe there's some other explanation???). To type ^H, what I do is to type Control-V Control-H. It's possible that you may need to do something else such asL
\ Control-H
or the like, depending on various settings in your system. What you're trying to do is to escape the normal meaning the CTL-H key has to your shell. To make it more automatic, I added the command to /etc/profile. If you want to put this into a script and then put things back the way they were before exiting, you can use stty -g to get the previous settings in a ready-to-use format (see man stty for more details).
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Terminal Window Settings...
Authored by: rhowell on Jun 09, '04 11:20:24AM

Will selecting "Delete key send backspace" in Terminal->Window Settings->Keyboard accomplish the same thing?

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Terminal Window Settings...
Authored by: owsla on Jun 10, '04 12:01:01PM

No, setting that property doesn't do the same thing as this. I have it set on my terminals, but sftp, for one, still didn't respond properly to the backspace key. With this hint, it does.

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Use stty to facilitate interactive script input
Authored by: bluehz on Jun 09, '04 01:02:30PM
Here is a simple example for further explanation. Normally a read statement in a script will wait for input and then a RETURN or ENTER key, but it will not let you backspace over chars if you make a mistake in tying. This simple little line in your scripts make them much more professional allowing the user to edit what they have typed in.

# allow terminal to accept backspace key in read statement
stty erase '^h'

echo -e "Try it out... enter some text and backspace over it... \c"
read test
you can also use the -e switch of the "read" command to enable the readline routines which gives you backspace and arrow keys among other things.

echo -e "Try it out... enter some text and backspace or use arrow keys over it... \c"
read -e test

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