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An AppleScript to control Mail via speech Apps
The issue of accessibility to sight-challenged Mac users came up on the OS X hints forum. Since the Mac has had speech recognition built in for a while and it is AppleScriptable, I took the challenge to enable mailbox selection by voice.

This AppleScript will search Apple's Mail for all available mailboxes and then ask the user to speak the name of a mailbox. For example, responding "Sent" will activate Mail and make the Sent mailbox visible. Additionally, if you have created local mailbox "Action Items," speaking "Action Items" will take you to that mailbox. If you have account mailboxes, the account name will prepend the mailbox name.

Other script hints on this site can be combined with this script to read the messages, senders, and subjects, if desired.

[robg adds: Due to the length of the script, I uploaded it as a text file to the macosxhints' site. I haven't tested this, beyond insuring that it compiles...]
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An AppleScript to control Mail via speech
Authored by: LegoEvan on Jun 03, '04 08:12:42PM

I tried it out and also coded my own "Cancel" option but as much as I tried I could not make it actually recognize what I was saying. "To Be Read" never registered as anything, where "Jokes" led me to "Poker" and "Alerts" led me to "Calvin and Hobbes". What the heck is up with that?

I currently have Mail on a completely different virtual desktop (via Desktop Manager) than any other program and have F1 set via QuicKeys to move me there, and was hoping to append this script onto the QuicKeys action, but it was just too unreliable. Anyone have a good solution for choosing mailboxes without taking their hands off of the keyboard, that doesn't include a lot of Tab of some variety?

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An AppleScript to control Mail via speech
Authored by: stingerman on Jun 04, '04 02:53:16AM

Yeah, Tiger in about 3 weeks. ;)

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An AppleScript to control Mail via speech
Authored by: whom on Jun 04, '04 01:45:26PM

Sorry you didn't have the same success I did. Both my wife and I were able to control it.
One thing you could try is to make sure the "Speech Commands Window" is open by clicking the tiny triangle on the bottom of the listening mic. This window displays the exact text of possible commands the computer is listening for. I've had it misunderstand "Jill" for "Joe", but never "Alert" for "Calvin and Hobbes."

Another note, if you do get it to work, with listening on, you can say "Mail to <any name in your AddressBook>" and Mail will launch and open a new message addressed to that person's primary email address. Again, see the speech commands window to see all the other things that Mail responds to.

Good luck

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Entourage? Speech Support
Authored by: cyberbrent on Jun 08, '04 04:57:08AM

This sounds like a great idea - simple and I would use it everday!

Do you think this might work with Entourage 2004 as it is fully Apple scriptable now?

I am not very good at Applescript, but if I just change "Mail" in the script to "Entourage" would we have a winner?

Any help or comments would be welcome.



"You alone define your limitations"

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