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A patch for ViaVoice in 10.3 Apps
I tried to install and run ViaVoice for Mac OS X, and learned the hard way on how to make sure my mic was selected, and the sound input was pointing to the USB mic. Eventually I got it working, and let me just say that VV sucks compared to DragonNaturallySpeaking. You can only input text in their program called "SpeakPad," and then you have to transfer the inputs by copying and pasting.

Anyhow, I was consistently getting an error that said "RC = 0 in steps 16" and something about not being able to update my voice model based on what I have dictated most recently. Eventually I called customer support and explained the problem. The guy there gave me instructions to fix the problem -- read the rest of the hint to see them.

Here's what I received from tech support:
Dear XX,

Thank you for contacting Scansoft Technical Support. I just would like inform you that Viavoice is not yet fully tested with the Mac OS X 10.3 system but here are the steps that we could follow to try setting up Viavoice with your mac OS 10.3.
  1. Uninstall ViaVoice using the Remover tool (uninstaller) located at the disk of Viavoice.
  2. Remove all the users file on your computer. Here is the location of the users file for Viavoice: Click HardDrive > Users > Username > ViaVoice > users. And delete the folder that has you username on it.
  3. Reboot your system.
  4. Install Viavoice again and download the Patch using the link below.
  5. After downloading the patch install it by double clicking on it.
  6. Reboot your system.
  7. Make sure that the USB microphone is directly connected at the USB Port on you computer.
  8. Click on your Apple Icon > System Preferences > Speech > Speech Recognition Tab > Listening Tab and under the microphone label make sure that your microphone model is selected.
  9. Click on the On / Off tab and on the Apple Speakable Items is: click on On.
  10. A small circle will appear at your screen, on your keyboard press the Esc button and hold it while you speak through your headset. A fluctuation should appear, this means that the microphone is working on the Apple Speaking Items.
  11. On the Apple Speaking Items is: Click the off.
  12. Click on the Apple Icon > System Preferences > Sound > Input
  13. Select the correct microphone level in on the list box.
  14. Adjust the volume meter to the maximum, the right side most.
  15. If you speak you will see that the meter is fluctuating.
  16. Close out of the Sound Window and open up Viavoice Setup
  17. Continue the setup and read the entire story of your choice.
  18. This tests would let Viavoice analyze how you dictate and adapt to your voice.

I must admit, his instructions worked, and so I thought I would pass these along.
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A patch for ViaVoice in 10.3 | 7 comments | Create New Account
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Medical/Legal Dictionaries...
Authored by: ivanp on May 28, '04 10:29:55PM

Does anyone know where to find a medical dictionary for ViaVoice for OS X? The program boasts that it is compatible with medical and legal dictionaries, but I've never found a company that sells them.

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Medical/Legal Dictionaries...
Authored by: paulbdoc on May 29, '04 11:06:36PM

To my knowledge, no medical or legal dictionary is INCLUDED with ViaVoice.
I purchased a Medical dictionary CD directly from IBM while at MacWorld.
I imagine IBM still sells the dictionary as a stand-alone product.

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Medical/Legal Dictionaries...
Authored by: ivanp on May 30, '04 09:31:28PM

I have checked the IBM website, and it seems as if ViaVoice is being sold by ScanSoft. They do not offer a medical dictionary for ViaVoice for OS X.

Rather unfortunate, as I really do need the medical dictionary.


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A patch for ViaVoice in 10.3
Authored by: davidmorr on May 29, '04 05:19:17AM

Hmm, interesting. The instructions you have seem to be a clean install and a check that the microphone is working. The patch appears to be the same as the one that has been available since 2002. Discussion on the MacVoice mailing list suggests it is to fix a problem in 10.2, and that problem has been fixed in 10.3.

Via Voice seems to have random problems on recent versions of OS X. On some machines it works perfectly. On others, it does nothing at all.

If you want a voice recognition system that is being actively developed, and works in any application, have a look at iListen from MacSpeech:


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A patch for ViaVoice in 10.3
Authored by: Angus on May 29, '04 09:12:54AM

You can input into other applications. I think the editing commands are limited though. I have a client that regularly inputs directly into Word X, with reasonable results. Anyway, thanks for the tip, I'll delay upgrading him to 10.3.

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A patch for ViaVoice in 10.3
Authored by: car1son on May 30, '04 11:28:31AM

I recently installed ViaVoice on a new 10.3 Mac, moving my voice model from my older 10.2 Mac's installation. Already had the patch on my disk from when it was issued back under 10.2.3. I was pleased that it worked as well as it had under 10.2 (in fact, since the new Mac is faster, it actually works better.)

One thing to be wary about: it can't handle fast users switching. Invoking it from two accounts simultaneously completely locks up the system.

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A patch for ViaVoice in 10.3
Authored by: Batshua on Jun 09, '04 03:01:51PM

I have to heap many blessings upon your head for being brave enough to email Scansoft.. They have such chutzpah charging for troubleshooting that may be a bug report,, especially for emails..

My problem is that the applications won''t run reliably,, but I think I have more pressing issues to troubleshoot first.. (I bet you can guess what one of them is just by looking at this message..)

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