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Print from RealPC via Printer Setup Utility Apps
I use RealPC for my limited Windows needs. Yes, it's slow, but it runs the few apps I need to my satisfaction. Anyway, printing with Insignia's solution never worked well for me (I don't remember why now), so I had set up an elaborate pipeline of a dummy PostScript printer, going through RedMon to GhostScript to produce PDFs that I saved on a "shared drive" folder on my iMac. I then opened the PDFs in Preview and printed them off. I always figured there was a way to cut out some of the steps, and after learning that Printer Setup Utility can process PostScript .PRN files, I finally tried using Folder Actions.

Using the dummy PostScript printer in RealPC, I check the "print to file" box. I navigate to a "shared drive" folder with the following AppleScript attached to it and save the resulting .PRN file.
on adding folder items to this_folder after receiving added_items
  tell application "Finder"
    repeat with aFile in added_items
      if the name of aFile contains {".prn"} then
        tell application "Printer Setup Utility"
            open aFile
            on error err
            display dialog err
          end try
        end tell
      end if
    end repeat
  end tell
end adding folder items to
This script bypasses the RedMon/GhostScript/Preview steps and begins printing right away (and avoids an Excel printing problem that has plagued me from day one).
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Print from RealPC via Printer Setup Utility
Authored by: mmulhern on May 25, '04 05:20:22PM

Is this the same as RealPC from FWB? My copy of RealPC (v1.1) only runs in MOS9. I can't get it to run in Classic.



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My v1.1 works fine in Classic
Authored by: jecwobble on May 25, '04 10:26:56PM

In fact, I've only used it in Classic. It's funny, because the few Windows apps I need are the only things keeping an OS9 System Folder on my computer. As I said- not very fast but gets the job done for me.

Sorry you can't get yours to work in Classic.

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My v1.1 works fine in Classic
Authored by: mmulhern on May 26, '04 08:15:48AM

Thanks, hadn't tried since upgrading to 10.3 - All I can say is it works. At least my TiBook800 can boot to MOS9 where RealPC is usable, under classic it runs like a dog (two legged varity)



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Print from RealPC via Printer Setup Utility
Authored by: mjcohen on May 25, '04 08:53:46PM

According to this url (
RealPC has been discontinued.

Here is the text:

RealPC discontinued - August 27 2003

Recent management changes at FWB has led to a major evaluation of the status of development work including Realpc."Since taking over F.W.B. software on July 17th one of the first priorities was determining the status of all development work on going by FWB." explained Marko Kostyrko, FWB's new CEO.

He continued, "The previous management had made claims in press interviews and on the company website regarding the status and upcoming release of RealPC OSX claiming it was in late beta and about to be released. After more thorough investigation and interviews with the previous staff, we have found that the development had not formally been started, and it appears not a single line of code has been written. FWB has not to date even received the source code upon which any development would use as the foundation to build a new RealPC for OSX. I am sorry to have to admit that apparently the company has been a party to vaporware when it comes to the claims regarding RealPC."

In reviewing the status, it was determined that the development cost including licensing fees made the project unattractive. Therefore, the new management has determined that it is not in the best interests of FWB to go forward with the development of RealPC.

Honesty and openness with the user base is a cornerstone of the new management team. We are developing software to return FWB Software to its historic position as a leader in disk utility software.

For more information please contact,, or

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For Gary B.
Authored by: jecwobble on Jun 05, '04 08:37:35PM
Gary B. emailed me with this question:
I tried setting this up. I got an error message from Windows when I tried to 'print to file', RealPC told me that I had to choose a printer from the Chooser. Since this exploits postscript I am assuming that Laserwriter 8 must be selected, or can I use the Classic OS9 driver for my inkjet??

My replies to him were returned because of quota violations, so I'll post my response here in the hopes that he will see it:

I have nothing set up in the Chooser. This process should bypass
"normal" printing routes.

Try this from Windows 98 (if that's what you are running in RealPC):

-Start -> Settings -> Printers
-Open "Add Printer"
-Click "Next" to begin the printer installation
-Select "Local Printer" then click "Next"
-Select "Apple" from "Manufacturers:" and "Apple Color LaserWriter 12/600"
 from "Printers:" then click "Next"
	(if you have already used this driver before, it will ask you to keep
	or replace the existing driver- choose keep and click "Next")
-Select "File:" from "Available Ports:" then click "Next"
-Change the "Printer name:" if you like as well as whether or not you
 want it to be the default printer then click "Next"
-Select "Yes" to print a test page the click "Finish"
-From the "Print to File" prompt type "Test.prn" in the file name and navigate
 to the 'shared' folder that has the AppleScript folder action attached to it.

If all goes well, the test page will print within a minute or two. When
you try to print from other applications in Windows, select this
printer (if it's not the default) and you won't have to check the
"print to file" option in the print dialog- just press print and it
will give you a "Print to File" dialog to select a location to save the
*.prn file.

Hope this helps.

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