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PIXTURE STUDIO - A collection of useful CM plug-ins Pick of the Week
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This week's Pick of the Week is actually a slew of interesting contextual menu (CM) plug-ins from Hide Itoh, who has been involved with Macs, icons, and useful stuff for quite a while. On his site (on the Product Page linked above), you'll find a number of potentially useful (and completely free) contextual menu plug-ins.

Read the rest of the hint for the ones that I found most useful...

Here are the PIXTURE STUDIO plug-ins that I presently have installed:
  • FinderIconCM 2.0 - This is what got me pointed to Hide's site in the first place; it was mentioned in a comment to an earlier hint. With this CM, you can view, copy, delete, and even create custom icons directly from the Finder. Amazingly useful if you work with custom icons much at all.

  • QuickImageCM - A basic image manipulating CM. You can view the image without opening any applications, add and remove thumbnail icons, create an HTML IMG tag (with height and width settings) based on the image, batch rename images, and convert to different formats. The built-in viewer is actually quite powerful, with scaling, trimming, and sizing options.

  • PhotoToolCM - This CM starts where QuickImageCM ends. You can apply a number of lossless options (including cleaning to reduce file size), edit comments and EXIF dates, and perform batch renaming and/or resizing operations. I don't use the editing features much, but the feature I do use is the Photo EXIF CM option. This displays all the EXIF info captured by your camera when the image was taken -- focal length, aperture, date, file size, format, etc.

  • PDFViewCM - Similar to QuickImageCM, except this one lets you view PDFs without using Preview or Acrobat. You can zoom, rotate, jump to a certain page, and even print directly from this viewer. Very handy for downloaded manuals that you just want to take a quick glance at.

  • CalculateSizeCM - Select a folder, then select this CM, and you'll get a summary showing total size, size taken on the drive, number of files and folders (including hidden files/folders), and some info on data and resource fork sizes. This tool will peer inside of bundles, too --, for instance, contains 69 files and 13 folders (none are invisible) comprising 3.4mb in total size, taking 3.5mb on disk.
The only CM I don't use from PIXTURE STUDIO is QuickPlayCM, which allows you to play QuickTime files without launching QuickTime Player. In addition to this great collection of CMs, there are two free apps, too (three, if you're still on 10.2). OtherTime displays the timezone in another portion of the world in your dock, and SnapClip takes screenshots and converts them on the fly to various formats.

I haven't had a bit of trouble with any of the CM plug-ins, and they all work very nicely and do exactly what they claim to do. The fact that they're all free, with nary a PayPal link to be found, is amazing. While you're on the PIXTURE STUDIO site, check out some of Hide's other work -- he's done some pretty nice design work in addition to the programming projects.
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PIXTURE STUDIO - A collection of useful CM plug-ins
Authored by: seven5 on May 21, '04 12:44:04AM

I use the QuickImage CM mentioned above, ITS ESSENTIAL for screenshots done with the finder. once you have the PDF just use this to make a quick jpg and send it off to someone. Also i use:

Mp3-Info CMM:
This is great for just finding out bitrates of mp3 and aac files on the fly

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PIXTURE STUDIO - A collection of useful CM plug-ins
Authored by: Faux Plastic on May 21, '04 01:01:54PM

And if you used his screen shot app, you wouldn't need QuickImage to convert them. I agree, Mr. Itoh's work is outstanding. I use three of his little programs.

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PIXTURE STUDIO - A collection of useful CM plug-ins
Authored by: Faux Plastic on May 21, '04 01:03:50PM

Also, I noticed on his site that he is looking for work in California. Don't let this talent go to the competition!

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PIXTURE STUDIO - A collection of useful CM plug-ins
Authored by: foilpan on May 21, '04 01:21:57PM

mr. itoh has produced some really great stuff for years. i bought his More File Info CMM back in the OS 8/9 days. it does what the QuickImage module does now, plus file typing and stuff.

if you think his software's useful, send this guy some money anyway!

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PIXTURE STUDIO - A collection of useful CM plug-ins
Authored by: sjk on May 22, '04 07:40:23PM

Kudos to Hide Itoh and his excellent CM plugins!

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