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Use LaTeX equations in Adium (IM client) Apps
I just discovered that Adium can display LaTeX! That's certainly useful for students, mathematicians, scientists, etc. For this to work, in addition to pdflatex (part of TeXLive-teTeX), you need to run Equation Service. Adium sends the text to that utility, which runs pdflatex on it and returns the resulting PDF to the caller. Everything nicely and transparently chained behind the scenes. I took a screenshot of some trials.
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Use LaTeX equations in Adium (IM client)
Authored by: herbs on May 18, '04 02:16:05PM


It should work with any Cocoa application that accepts services; e.g., it also works with iChat.

Good Luck,
Herb Schulz

Good Luck,
Herb Schulz

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Use LaTeX equations in Adium (IM client)
Authored by: timkingman on May 18, '04 02:39:03PM

The "hint" here is that Adium displays (La)TeX without any user intervention. The screenshot and hint are a little less than clear, but Adium will call Equation Service to render any text enclosed in $$...$$, whether you send or receive it. It will not render a PDF and send it to your buddy.

The "this works in iChat too" trick is to use Equation Service as it was intended. Select some text, send it to ES (cmd <), and then paste the rendered PDF it into the chat.

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Use LaTeX equations in Adium (IM client)
Authored by: johnga1t on May 19, '04 09:57:47AM

took me a few minutes to figure this out, so know that in order to activate this feature, you need to typeset using '$$':

$$ \int_a^b f(x) dx $$

should work.

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Use LaTeX equations in Adium (IM client)
Authored by: mathieu on May 20, '04 07:41:54AM

I am trying to use Equation Service with iChat. It might work, but it's not quite working yet. First, latin characters are remplaced with black framed rectangles (yet maths characters work: \alpha will work, but a plain number or letter 2 or a will not). Second, transparency doesn't work when I command-drag the result: it shows a black-filled rectangle in iChat :(.

Any clue on how to make it work? TeXShop works fine with test documents.

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Use LaTeX equations in Adium (IM client)
Authored by: autumnmist on Nov 05, '07 10:47:14PM
This no longer works as of Adium post 1.0.6 (last version it works with) because the Adium devs removed the code in Adium that made it work. They want to make LaTeX a separate plugin--which is understandable, but this is not noted in the changelogs for Adium AND it's 4 months later and at least the old version of the plugin is not available for installation with updated Adium.

See here:

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