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Try Kodak EasyShare, a possible iPhoto replacement Apps
Yes, you have to (free) register with Kodak, and (optional and free) register with Kodak-owned ofoto. But that said, EasyShare is a most excellent, fairly nicely built, almost an iPhoto clone of an app that has two most excellent things that iPhoto doesn't -- one, it has speed ... much, much more responsive than iPhoto4 on my iBook. And two, it doesn't seem to insist on moving your photos into a location of its own choice.

Try it. You might like it. If you don't, well, no money wasted. The app is free.

[robg adds: I hadn't even heard of this app ... I bit the bullet and filled out the registration form, and was pleasantly surprised after the download and install. First surprise: EasyShare is a Cocoa application, which really surprised me (I figured that alone was almost reason enough to mention it). I enabled Cocoa Gestures in it, and they worked perfectly, as you would expect in a Cocoa app. Second surprise: It comes with a very nice installer and uninstaller. Third surprise: The picture editing options are much nicer than those of iPhoto. There are some not-so-good surprises, too -- it looks much like a WindowsXP application, the interface is a bit confusing, there aren't (that I can see) any keywords, and I couldn't seem to make it import some JPEGs that I know are, well, JPEGs. But overall, this is a surprisingly polished app, and the free integration with ofoto means you can do some nice online sharing, though I didn't test that bit.]
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Try Kodak EasyShare, a possible iPhoto replacement | 21 comments | Create New Account
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The ultimate Ofoto uploader!
Authored by: rauls4 on May 13, '04 11:30:56AM

One important feature is that it will also upload you images to Ofoto.

Ofoto sharing has some key benefits over iPhoto sharing:

- No need for .mac accounts
- As far as I can tell unlimited upload space for your photos
- Prints are better and cheaper! (29 cents for Ofoto, 39 cents for Apple)
- Friends and family can order prints easily
- They frequently offer discounts and have more products

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The ultimate Ofoto uploader!
Authored by: rb3 on May 13, '04 04:40:48PM

I have been a satisifed Ofoto user for a long time, and what amazes me is they don't suggest to their Mac users that this tool exists. There is no bulk uploader for OS X, and I was bringing CDs to work to use my frickin' Windoze machine for the purpose. And then I found Kodak. I don't like the interface, but all I use it for is uploading and it does that very well.

512Ke, SE/30, 7500, PMG4/DualGig

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The ultimate Ofoto uploader!
Authored by: AdamHertz on Jun 03, '04 03:14:26PM
We haven't been publicizing Brownie yet because it's still Beta. We're busy fixing bugs, tweaking up the UI a bit, you know, the usual.

Meanwhile, feel free to download it, give it a spin, and please send us some feedback. It's working well enough for most people, but of course, your mileage may vary :-)


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The ultimate Ofoto uploader!
Authored by: skippysf on May 18, '04 05:07:49PM
if you like using iPhoto AND Ofoto, check out the preview release of a photo uploader application currently called Ofoto Brownie. You can drag photos from iPhoto or the Finder into the application's window to save your photos to an existing account. It also has an iPhoto browser built in. Check it out! There's a download link on that blog page.

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Try Kodak EasyShare, a possible iPhoto replacement
Authored by: cudaboy_71 on May 13, '04 11:40:31AM

most excellent! ;)

if it aint broke, break it!

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Try Kodak EasyShare, a possible iPhoto replacement
Authored by: pkishor on May 13, '04 12:26:59PM

I should also point out a few more things... I have been a longtime user of the most excellent iView-Multimedia Pro from the time it was real shareware at around $40 or so. Upgraded once and am now at v 1.5.7. Now iVMP has become way too expensive for me ($72 upgrade... $199 full price), so I have been looking for alternatives.

iPhoto has great features, but two things suck about it -- its insistence on moving the pics in its own fold (yes, there are workarounds, but they are all kludgy); and its lack of speed. I can't use it, esp. because of its slowness.

QPict is very fast, and is affordable. But, it lacks some significant features such as print layouts and html exports.

I even tried writing my own with Perl and ImageMagick and html, but I really need something on the desktop, not a web based program.

Yesterday I tested EasyShare against iPhoto and a trial version of iVMP 2.5 on my G3/600 iBook with 640 Mb RAM. I dropped a folder with all my digital images on these apps, about 3000 images, about 1.4 Gb.

iVMP was blazingly fast.... at least seemed so. It built a list view in about 1 minute and then another 10 mins or so to read all the info and complete a 15 Mb catalog. But it will cost me $72 to upgrade, and I have to make a decision in the next few days. After that the upgrade price goes up to $99.

iPhoto was the dog, as expected. About 35 mins later I killed the process. It had imported about 150 images, moved them, and built its complicated db structure of various files and folders.

Kodak EasyShare took about 1 hour to import everything. Once it was done, the performance was still snappy.

Yes, the interface is a bit amateurish, with some silly icons, but all in all, I recommend this as a pick-of-the-week program. Keep in mind, it seems to be anonymous -- no mention of this program on Macupdate. Surprising. So, spread the word.

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Try Kodak EasyShare, a possible iPhoto replacement
Authored by: allanmarcus on May 13, '04 02:24:07PM

VersionTracker Link: (since 2002-09-15)

I have no idea why it's not on MacUpdate.

I have to admit that I like iPhoto cus I can share using MyPhoto. The ability to create albums in iPhoto and have the albums instants available in myPhoto is wonderful. I have friends that love Gallery ( and I admit that i haven't played with it. Maybe some combination of easyshare and gallery would work.

BTW, if you want to print your photos, check out - hard to compete with their prices. Good quality too. No mass upload tool for Mac, but if we keep asking, they might build it. They do supply a SASE for CD-ROM submissions for people with tons of pictures or slow connections.

Cost Per Print
4x6 18¢ each
3x5 actual size 3.25x5
18¢ each
5x7 29¢ each
6x8 79¢ each
8x10 $1.99 each
10x13 $4.50 each
Wallets(4) 39¢ for sheet of 4

Digital Sizes
Size Cost Per Print
4x5.3 18¢ each
5x6.6 29¢ each
6x8 79¢ each
8x10.6 $1.99 each

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Fast at what cost?
Authored by: puggsly on May 14, '04 01:35:07AM

Yes, it can take some time to import a large database into iPhoto on a system with a slow drive (a laptop) as it is actually making copies of the files into it's own storage structure (which by the way, unless you don't trust it, who really cares?). But once there this version is actually very fast for what it does.

There is one thing that has always amazed me about iPhoto. The quality and flexibility of it's organize mode. Many people will say it is slower than others, well what a shock! it actually previews photos and not thumb nails. Most other applications limit how large of a preview they will give you because they simply stretch the thumbnail which is virtually useless at anything over 2X.

You can checkout what I mean at this address.

It is also important to understand this is no a "Mac" application. The interface is really bad! When editing you can't use cmd-z to undo (you can't even use the edit menu). The print option is only available from a single location and I could not for the life of me figure out where I had to be to enable the "send message" command in the file menu.

It also has a lame email interface instead of using your preferred mail client. It's weak attempt at address book integration just sucks (just try to email to a alternate email address for someone).

This may be a good option for some people with slower hardware but it is no iPhoto killer. BTW, one other option is good old graphic converter. If you really like to keep your photos in your own folder system. The browse feature of graphic converter is not bad. And it does very good slide shows and has some killer editing tools.

But for me, it is iPhoto.

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Fast at what cost?
Authored by: rlapka on May 14, '04 12:22:38PM

The thing I like best about EasyShare is its organization. It organized the photos by year and by date of import before that feature got into iPhoto4. I still use EasyShare instead of iPhoto because of ease of use. The only issue is when you use iMovie or iDVD, they only look at the iPhoto directory, so sometimes I have to import.

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Try Kodak EasyShare, a possible iPhoto replacement
Authored by: willjwade on May 13, '04 01:03:42PM
OK I tried this app after reading the hint above. Some comments:
  • Its thumbnails are terrible quality. They have pinched iPhoto's cools sizable view but the quality of these images are awful in the kodak app at any size other than the default. Im guessing this is the reason why a lot of people are finding this a faster application because its not doing as much hard rendering on the fly
  • I didnt find it fast Im afraid. It slowed my laptop no end on using it. Using the app with 500 images killed my g4 pbook (512Mb Ram).
  • Its appearance is indeed terrible - I wouldnt say it looks like XP - they have tried to be clever with the Mac Brushed Metal Interface and it hasnt worked.
  • For the UK customers I cant figure out how to upload to - there doesnt appear to be any connection (something that Apple seems to have in common with this one again - Lets just think about the bloody American market - since nobody else exists in the world right Apple? grrrr it makes me mad..)

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Try Kodak EasyShare, a possible iPhoto replacement
Authored by: agent0068 on May 13, '04 01:39:47PM
In regards to the mention of ofoto and online sharing, going with iPhoto means you can share your photos on the web off of your home computer with myPhoto (mirrored here since that domain may be down briefly) /shameless plug

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Kodak EasyShare - what an ugly interface..
Authored by: alexmathew on May 13, '04 04:37:42PM

Come on... You cant compare Easyshare to iPhoto. iPhoto may be slow but it is consistent in its interface and layout. Nothing is intuitive in Easyshare and the the previews of the photos are blurred.

I'll stick to iPhoto.

For album sharing, with its Mac Photostreamer software and unlimited storage is easy enough to use. I just export the edited photos from iPhoto and import it into PhotoStreamer to upload.


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Try Kodak EasyShare, a possible iPhoto replacement
Authored by: kindall on May 13, '04 04:46:41PM

I switched to EasyShare some time ago. It works just as well as iPhoto for importing photos using a camera or card reader, too. Actually, it works better, because I don't have to tell it each time that yes, dammit, of course I want to delete the photos from the card afterward. Now if it would just unmount the card after it was done importing...

I like the image rotation button; you click the left half to rotate counterclockwise, or the right half to rotate clockwise. Simple. None of the option-click required by iPhoto.

The one thing I miss is the ability to double-click a photo and have it open in Photoshop (or some other editor). You can, however, drag photos to an icon in the dock. Since my dock is at the opposite edge of my second monitor from EasyShare, though, what I did instead was to create a DragThing dock with just one button on it (Photoshop), make the background of the dock transparent, set up that dock to only appear when EasyShare is frontmost, and position it in EasyShare's status bar. Then I just drag photos I want to edit to that button.

EasyShare integrates very nicely with Ofoto, as others have mentioned. One great thing about Ofoto is that you can set up a site for selling prints of your own photos for any desired price. Ofoto prints and ships the photo and gives you the difference between their usual selling price for a print of that size and your asking price. I don't think Apple offers this even with .Mac, which is dumb because Ofoto fulfills Apple's print orders.

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Try Kodak EasyShare: Preferences quits!
Authored by: Vitalstatistix on May 13, '04 05:59:36PM

I've installed it but selecting Preferences causes it to quit immediately without anything even appearing in CrashReporter. Anyone else having this problem?

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Try Kodak EasyShare, a possible iPhoto replacement
Authored by: pkishor on May 13, '04 11:26:50PM
This app gets even better. First, check out the image editing tools... simple, but effective and nice -- sepia, vignette, black and white effects; red eye, crop, etc. Nice.

Now, to make it work on a networked drive (so others may be able to open an already created catalog instead of recreating it), create a symbolic link to the catalog after removing it to the target location. In my world...

All 3000 or so photos are on 'disko', an external firewire drive currently hanging off of my iBook. I "imported" all 3000 images, which created the catalogs in my ~/Library/Application Support/Kodak EasyShare.

I moved the entire "Kodak EasyShare" folder to a folder called /shared/Pictures/ on the external drive, and then typed the following in my terminal all on one line --

[lamacina:~/Library/Application Support] foo%ln -s /Volumes/disko/shared/Pictures/Kodak\ EasyShare Kodak\ EasyShare

Started the EasyShare app, and bingo, it found the catalog. Went to another machine on the network, created the same link, and the catalog was available there as well... pointing to one and only one repository of photos.

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Try Kodak EasyShare, a possible iPhoto replacement
Authored by: Fofer on May 14, '04 01:39:09AM

It's worth mentioning that installing this app adds a new tab to iPhoto's "Export" command -- "Export to Kodak EasyShare." Makes it super easy to send a few photos from iPhoto to EasyShare to check things out.

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Try Kodak EasyShare, a possible iPhoto replacement
Authored by: peewit on May 14, '04 05:16:33PM

Videos and movies show up in the library too

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Try Kodak EasyShare, a possible iPhoto replacement
Authored by: mattmend on May 15, '04 01:04:25PM

My photos are stored on a network drive mounted via SMB. I don't seem to be able to edit photos with EasyShare even though I can read, write and execute from the same drive via the Finder. I get the following error:

An unrecoverable error: Image processing error: -17 occurred for: /Volumes/photos/BBG 2000/BBG 2000 - 15.jpg

Anyone else experience anything similar?

Regards -


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Try Kodak EasyShare, a possible iPhoto replacement
Authored by: pkishor on May 17, '04 01:06:12PM

Could be because of the space in the file name in combination with the fact that it is being served over smb.

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Try Kodak EasyShare, a possible iPhoto replacement
Authored by: proteingirl on May 16, '04 01:49:04AM

I discovered Kodak EasyShare after getting the Kodak DX6490 (great camera by the way). One of the great things about the program is that it can handle the videos I take with my digital camera and automatically creates quicktime movies.

Also, the menubar has the Export to iPhoto command, but there's an easier way to move pictures to iPhoto if one wants. Just select the photos in EasyShare and drop them into iPhoto.

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Try Kodak EasyShare, a possible iPhoto replacement
Authored by: opium on May 16, '04 07:24:33AM

"And two, <kodak easyshare> doesn't seem to insist on moving your photos into a location of its own choice"

I just found out that this isn't entirely true. So long as you delete the iphoto folder in the ~/pictures/ folder and then start the application, u then get the choice of location for your library.

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