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Select 'foldered' Safari bookmarks via the keyboard Web Browsers
I happened upon this hint by accident ... I don't know how truly useful it is, but it does work..

If you use Safari's 'foldered' bookmarks in the Bookmarks Bar like I do, you know you can click on one and it'll drop down and show all the bookmarks in that folder. You can then use the keyboard to type the first couple of letters in the name of bookmark, and the selection will jump to that bookmark (or the next closest name to that first letter, just like the Finder behaves for files), then hit Return and it'll open that link in the same window.

[robg adds: I couldn't figure out how to make a bookmark selected in this manner open in a new window or tab; I don't think it's possible. I tried every combo of shift, command, control, and option, but the bookmark always opened in the current tab.]
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Select 'foldered' Safari bookmarks via the keyboard
Authored by: daeley on May 11, '04 12:01:17PM

You can also use the arrow keys to navigate the bookmarks, and space bar to select one.

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Select 'foldered' Safari bookmarks via the keyboard
Authored by: dj_feare on May 11, '04 12:13:46PM

To avoid the mouse entirely, enable "full keyboard access" in System Prefs. They you can type cmd-l or cmd-opt-f to get into the URL or search field. Now you can tab into the bookmark bar from there. Hit space-bar to open folders, arrows or letter keys to navigate lists (as mentioned), or esc to close a folder. Return activates a highlighted bookmark.

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Select 'foldered' Safari bookmarks via the keyboard
Authored by: miriedel on May 11, '04 03:26:15PM

To get the bookmark to open in a new tab just click the folder holding down command first then "use as directed"

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Select 'foldered' Safari bookmarks via the keyboard
Authored by: dmmorse on May 12, '04 02:42:02AM

When any folder in the bookmarks bar is selected, press option-space or shift-space to open all bookmarks within that folder, each in its own tab. This trick, however, only works on the top-level folders, and not on any sub-folder nor any individual bookmark within a top-level folder.

I suspect this is because command-click only works on the top-level folders as well.

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Select 'foldered' Safari bookmarks via the keyboard
Authored by: on May 11, '04 03:02:54PM

You have to first click on the folderd bookmarks so that the group drops down, then the arrows work.

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"missing" keyboard shortcuts?
Authored by: sjk on May 11, '04 09:55:06PM

I'd sure like home, end, page up/down to work in Safari's (and OmniWeb's) bookmarks window.

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Select 'foldered' Safari bookmarks via the keyboard
Authored by: pjryan on May 11, '04 10:22:56PM
Nice catch yellow, but from the title of your hint I was hoping to learn how to select the folder itself. I know I can get to the bookmarks bar via the keyboard, and tab, tab, tab, etc. to the desired one, but I find this cumbersome. I found an application, called Saft that lets me select the folder by pressing control-#, (the # can be 1 through 9), much like Apple's comand-# to select individual bookmarks. Another neat feature is true fullscreen viewing with shift-comand-F. Oh, and did I mention the auto save and restore opened browser windows at quitting and start? --should you have to restart, but have many open windows.

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