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iMovie 3.03 and non-HFS+ volumes Apps
I had some 'fun' this weekend while trying to edit the video from my nieces' christening. Basically if you create a project in iMovie and save it to a volume that's FAT32 (Windows/DOS) or UNIX rather than Mac OS Extended, you'lll have issues. You'll find that after you save all the changes to the project then open it again, all the edits you made are lost. The imported clips are in the media directory (and it asks if you want to delete the stray clips) for the project but the project file itself isn't saved.

I didn't even think of re-formatting my external drive when I bought it, and the result was all of Monday I had prepared this movie (and was quite pleased with it), only to find the edits not saved. I just though I'd save someone else the same hassle.

[robg adds: I can't test this one. Can anyone confirm?]
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iMovie 3.03 and non-HFS+ volumes
Authored by: navratil on May 07, '04 10:14:18AM
I can confirm.

90% done with a short movie on my hard drive, I run out of space. So I copy the entire thing over (using the finder) to a UFS-formated external hd. A few hours later, the movie's done. I render it a few times to a few different formats (including pure DV, so I have a high-quality copy of it), and quit the project.

I then realize that some of my text looks weird when I've burned a VCD, so I go back to fix it on my external hard drive. All of my changes since the move are gone. Oddly enough, the movie file in the iMovie project directory is correct -- it must be updated while-you-edit, or something -- but nothing else is.

Since I'd have to spend a few hours on it, I still haven't fixed that damn text.

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iMovie 3.03 and non-HFS+ volumes
Authored by: sfernandes on May 08, '04 10:11:03AM

On a similar note (File formats) I too got an external drive and it was per-formated to FAT32. I just tried copying over some files to test it out and thought it unsually slow.
I then re-formated with two partitions in HFS+ and the drive definately handles quicker! I checked the documentation and yes, HFS+ is quicker then FAT32. You only need FAT32 if you wil SHARE the drive with a windows machine. Other wise re-format to HFS+.

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Authored by: UCMacGuru on May 09, '04 12:26:08AM

Seems to me a pretty simple workaround would be to create a sparse disk image on the FAT32 volume, mount and save your iMovie project to that. You wont have access to it in Windows but you don't have iMovie there anyway...

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