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A fix for Software Update unexpectedly quitting System
I was recently upgrading a Mac from Jaguar to Panther, and in the process of using Software Update to bring it up to spec with the latest updates, I reached a point at which Software Update would "unexpectedly quit" before even beginning the download. Even some separately downloaded installers -- those that included a license agreement, I learned later -- would exhibit the same symptom, right after the administrator password was entered.

The solution is the on-line Support area on Apple's web site. It's in Article 2575, and it took me a while to find it. If, as I did, you're checking macosxhints first, hopefully this will save you some time.

[robg adds: As the article points out, the fix is to disable the "Times RO" font. Down near the bottom of the document, there's a one-liner that reads 'Some versions of stand-alone HP printer software install this font,' along with a link. The link, though, fails to load the proper page at HP. So I did a bit of digging, and found the page. It seems the font is installed by the driver software for the HP PSC 1300, 2400, 2500, and HP Officejet 5500 printers.]

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Command line?
Authored by: ssevenup on May 05, '04 01:08:55PM

Does this problem manifest if you use the command line softwareupdate?


Mark Moorcroft
Sys. Admin.

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Command line?
Authored by: JoeRod on May 05, '04 03:47:50PM

No it does not, i've been using the command line for this problem since I upgraded to 10.3 a couple of months ago. For those of you that don't know the command its
sudo softwareupdate -l this is for a list of available updates and softwareupdate -i <update name> to install.

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Command line? YES
Authored by: SOX on May 06, '04 01:30:46AM

Yes is does affect the command line whenever there is a Quicktime update. even with the command line, the Quicktime update has the incredibly annoying feature of popping up a licence manager window and waitng for you to press okay. This is really annoying when doing a remote update.

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Authored by: SOX on May 05, '04 02:56:13PM

I got so steamed over this I finally re-installed my whole OS. If only I had had this hint a few days ago.

and yes it did affect the command line software update.

By the way DONT BUY HP. their printers used to be great but now they suck in my recent experience. the software is absolutely hostile and installs it self so that it launches every time you boot up and any and every user logs in. you cant turn it off or you lose print features. and when something goes wrong you have to log out and log in to get it to restart properly. and then dont get me started about paper jams and teeeeeny ink cartiges. I used to always buy HP for quality. not any more! this was the last straw.

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D*** (darn)
Authored by: rgray on May 05, '04 08:08:04PM

If not HP, then what...

It doesn't help anyone to give just negative 'recommendations'.......

I have a sh** load of HPs in my lab...... and I have to say that I agree that HP ain't what it used to be. For F1 fans, given my recent experiences it is not much wonder Williams isn't winning these days.

But I'm not sure where to turn next.......

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Authored by: SOX on May 06, '04 10:55:40AM

I also have a cannon. Am pretty pleased with it. the ink tanks came full unlike epson and HP so it was a better value. and it has non-hostile drivers. It paper jams less often and prints well. the ink tanks are massively cheaper since they are individual tanks and also refill easier if you like to do that (they are clear).<p>
in the early days cannons bubble jets could not compare to HP but now things seem to have reversed.

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A fix for Software Update unexpectedly quitting
Authored by: stilesja on May 18, '04 11:56:04AM

Mac OS X Hints saves my ass again. I can confirm I have the HP PSC 1350V and the Times RO font was my problem. However I never encountered the problem until the Garageband 1.1.1 update

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