Modify the iTunes 4.5 link arrows' behavior

Apr 29, '04 12:29:00PM

Contributed by: robg

Yesterday's iTunes update brought a new feature -- a small arrow next to the song, artist, and album entries in the Library and playlists, as seen at left. When clicked, this arrow takes you to the iTunes Music Store (iTMS), and displays the relevant matching information. While this is potentially quite useful, it's also odd -- I know I wasn't expecting to jump to the iTMS when I clicked the arrow! Thankfully, there are already two workarounds, one temporary and one permanent:

  1. Temporary fix: Just hold down the Option key prior to clicking the arrow; you'll jump to the matching info in your Library instead of the iTMS. For instance, Option-click next to an artist's name, and you'll see all of that artist's entries in your library.

  2. Permanent fix: If, like me, you think the Option-click method should be the standard, quit iTunes, open a Terminal window, and type:
    defaults write invertStoreLinks -bool YES
    When you re-launch iTunes, you'll find that clicking the arrow now takes you to your Library, and an Option-click takes you to the store. If, for some reason, you find that you'd like the old method back, just repeat the above command with NO at the end, instead of YES.
Thanks to Macintouch for the pointer to Derek Powazek's page, where he in turn thanks Sven-S. Porst for finding this solution. Ah, the power of the hyperlink!

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