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DejaMenu - The menubar as a pop-up menu Pick of the Week
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9 of 10
[Score: 9 out of 10]
I first heard about this app over on the Forum site a week or so ago, and it's quickly become a key utility on my home machine. What does it do? Very simply, DejaMenu will create the frontmost application's menubar as a pop-up menu at the mouse's current location, as seen at left being used in Safari. If you have multiple monitors, or even just one large screen, this can be a great timesaver -- moving your mouse from the bottom right corner to the top left corner of a dual-monitor setup can be a real drag, so to speak. With DejaMenu, the menu is but one keyboard combo away at all times, regardless of your mouse's position.

The first thing I really like about DejaMenu is that it's an application. It's not a preference pane, or any sort of low-level extension to the system. So I have no fears about it crashing my machine or my applications when in use (and I haven't had a single crash since installing it, so it seems quite stable). When you launch it for the first time, it asks you to assign a keystroke sequence to activate the pop-up menu. Make sure you pick one that's not in use by another application (and you'll need to have "Enable access for assistive devices" enabled in your Universal Access preferences panel). This is where DejaMenu became a 9 instead of a 10 -- I wasn't able to use the Control key in my keystroke combo, which somewhat limits the available choices.

Once assigned, DejaMenu is now running, and you'll have a menubar pop-up in every application (well, probably not in Classic!). If you double-click DejaMenu in the Finder again by accident, you'll get a pop-up menu over DejaMenu with three choices -- Configure, Help, and Quit. Choose Configure to assign a new hot key, Help for help, and Quit, well, you get the idea. DejaMenu runs without a dock icon or menubar icon, so this is the way to quit the program if you ever wish to do so.

The real power of DejaMenu, though, comes into play with a multi-button mouse. I assigned the seldom-used right-side button on my Microsoft five-button mouse to send the DejaMenu activation keystroke. So now I have one-click no-keyboard access to the menubar, regardless of where I happen to have the mouse on the screen. DejaMenu is a great freeware app (as is Karl's XShelf, a prior Pick of the Week selection).
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DejaMenu - The menubar as a pop-up menu
Authored by: Ezra Balaraj on Apr 26, '04 10:45:10AM

I tried to d/load the utility w/o success. Error msg is, "Homepage.mac cannot be found. Pl. check the name and try again."


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DejaMenu - The menubar as a pop-up menu
Authored by: robg on Apr 26, '04 12:00:03PM

Works fine here -- you're clicking on the Product Page link and seeing that message?


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DejaMenu - The menubar as a pop-up menu
Authored by: MarsViolet on Apr 26, '04 12:44:12PM

I love DejaMenu. It recreates one of my favorite features of the NeXT that OS X inexplicably dropped (the other being tear-off menus). Only problem is, it doesn't work quite right with every app. Occasionally a menu will look strange. For instance, the somewhat customized menus in Maya don't work well with DejaMenu (which is kind of ironic since Maya has tear-off menus!).

Still, it's a great app.

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DejaMenu - The menubar as a pop-up menu
Authored by: mudhiker on Apr 26, '04 04:02:01PM

There's a program called OCSmart Hacks that was released as Beta yesterday, go to and there's a link to download it. Among other things it adds tear-off menus. Quite nice and hasn't crashed or anything yet (after 24 hours)

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DejaMenu - The menubar as a pop-up menu
Authored by: kirkmc on Apr 26, '04 03:05:51PM

This is really great! Thanks!

I think it was Now Menus that did this back in the pre-X days. I've got it set to pop up when I press two buttons of my Kensington Expert Mouse Pro. Very cool...

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DejaMenu - The menubar as a pop-up menu
Authored by: ka on Apr 26, '04 03:38:20PM

Impossible- the dialogbox is in Chinese or whatever and I can't give a key for the menu.

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DejaMenu - The menubar as a pop-up menu
Authored by: kms007 on Apr 26, '04 03:55:38PM
Works great! Tried it on my G5 at work. Very handy. I didn't have any problems accessing the download page (tried at 3:53PM Eastern). Thanks for the heads-up on this utility, Rob - it's one that I'll definitely be adding to my arsenal. -Krishna

Creator of "The PC Weenies" Cartoon

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DejaMenu - The menubar as a pop-up menu
Authored by: snit on Apr 26, '04 07:12:57PM

I just wish that this could be set as a standard contextual menu... oh well.

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DejaMenu - The menubar as a pop-up menu
Authored by: bluehz on Apr 27, '04 12:48:46AM

Is it just me or can you not select any Bookmarks in Safari. I mean you can select them from the Bookmarks menu, but it does not open the bookmark.

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OCSmart Hacks
Authored by: NeutronMonk on Apr 27, '04 04:36:22PM
A better link for OCSmart Hacks here. This looks to have potential...

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Useless: Cannot assign right-click to it!
Authored by: germ on Apr 27, '04 04:04:14PM
DejaMenu - The menubar as a pop-up menu
Authored by: eyeb1 on Jul 25, '12 11:07:44PM

greetings ..

i would really like to get a hold of a copy of this program .. but the web site has a closed sign and no links for downloads ..

all the other links i have found for the program lead back to this page ..

if anyone has a copy and would be willing to email it to me .. it would be greatly appreciated ..

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