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Share iPod contents via iTunes Apps
If you're like me, you bring your iPod to work so that you can listen to your tunes without copying them to your work computer. If you always set your work computer to "Manually manage songs and playlists" and your home computer to "Automatically update all songs and playlists," you can listen off the iPod directly, and any ratings you change will even be updated on your home computer when you resynchronize.

There is, however, one flaw with this method. If you have iTunes sharing enabled, your iPod's contents wont show up. The solution? Turn off "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library" under Advanced preferences, then add the music files on the iPod to your library directly. The way things are set up in iTunes makes this somewhat tedious, so I wrote an AppleScript to do it.

robg writes: Due to the length of the script, I've uploaded it as a text file; click here to view the source in a new window, and then copy/paste into Script Editor.

A couple caveats:
  1. Rather than adding each file to iTunes as it finds it, the script makes a list of all files to add then adds them all at once. It runs much faster this way, but it means that during the first portion of the script, there will be no feedback. Be paitient, and eventually, iTunes will give a progress bar during the add phase.
  2. If you want files that end in something other than ".mp3", ".m4a" or ".m4p" to be added, you'll need to add the appropriate suffixes to the extensionList property at the beginning of the script, or just wait for the script to prompt you for every file with an unlisted extension.
  3. The file names on the iPod don't include all unicode characters, so for best results, make sure the files have ID3 tags.
  4. Information which is stored in iTunes private database like My Rating and Play Count will not show up in the library, but will be maintained on the iPod.
  5. I tried to write the script to intelligently handle the case of multiple iPods, but as I don't have multiple iPods, I couldn't really test it very well.
[robg adds: I haven't tested this one.]
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Share iPod contents via iTunes
Authored by: amerob on Apr 23, '04 12:38:33PM

Has anyone else tried this? I attempted to copy and paste into a new script, and it won't compile. I don't know enough about Apple Sript to figure out how to fix it. I'd love to try this out though...

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Share iPod contents via iTunes
Authored by: jonbauman on Apr 23, '04 12:44:37PM

It appears that there was some sort of conversion error when Rob moved the source of the script from the submission to a separate file. All the "" characters (used to break a long command into multiple lines in AppleScript) got turned into "Â" characters. A simple find-replace and the script compiled OK for me.

FYI: the keystroke for "" is control-L (for "line" I guess). "Â" is option-i, release, shift-A.



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Share iPod contents via iTunes
Authored by: amerob on Apr 23, '04 01:27:41PM

Thanks! It worked beautifully :)

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an app that does the same: MusicPublisher
Authored by: albockiole on Apr 23, '04 02:26:34PM

There's a great application that will let you share your iPod via iTunes' sharing feature:

If you like using AppleScript, then by all means continue with the above hint, but MusicPublisher does work really well.

I am not affiliated in any way with the developer of this (apparently free) software; I'm just a happy user.

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Share iPod contents via iTunes
Authored by: DougAdams on Apr 27, '04 06:19:16AM
Other AppleScripts that add iPod tracks to iTunes can be found on our iPod pages.

Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes.

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