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Print from Windows to Mac-attached HP all-in-ones Apps
There have been lots of descriptions of how to set up a "raw" CUPS print queue on OSX (Jauguar or Panther) so that windows native drivers can drive a remote printer attached to a Mac.

Unfortunately, for Hewlet Packard's psc1210 (1200 series) all-in-one gizmos, when using the proprietary drivers (as opposed to the IJS drivers), the standard hints don't work: After setting up the raw queue, and going through Windows' "Add Printer" rigamarole, one is presented with a dialog box asking you to select a printer driver to talk to the remote IPP/HTTP print queue, and the psc1210 driver is not listed! This is true even after having installed the driver on Windows natively while having the psc1210 attached via direct USB to the Windows box. Basically, I suspect that the multifunction units have too many driver components to call any single one piece the driver, and good-old Windows doesn't seem to know it has a driver already installed in that selection list. Double plus ungood. I really wanted to keep the "proprietary" driver on the Mac, because of the support for scanning, OCR, fine-tuning the copying, etc. etc. etc.

After a number of false starts (including trying to install the DeskJet 3320 driver on the Windows box, which according to the hp inkjet sourceforge site's list of printers is the actual driver for the printer component of the psc1210) I eventually found the following solution:

In addition to the proprietary driver on the Mac, I also installed the hp-ijs driver, and built an additional CUPS queue for the printer using that driver. Once that is done, I grabbed the ppd file for the printer, stashed in into /usr/share/cups/model on the Mac (dunno if this was neccesary, but I did that first), and restarted the CUPS daemon on the Mac.

Once that was accomplished, it was on to dealing with the Windows side. After a bit more surfing, I found the recommendation to use the Adobe postscript driver near the bottom of this page. Installing that on the Windows box, pointing it at a network printer URL (of the usual form:

... and finally pointing it towards a local copy of the appropriate ppd file made the whole system work. Yee-haw!

In theory, not just the psc1210, but any of the HP all-in-one gizmos that work with the hp-ijs driver but are balky with the native Windows drivers might benefit from this same approach. For that matter, it seems to me that this dual driver approach is a general alternative to remotely driving printers, while keeping any benefits "proprietary" Mac drivers might offer.

I hope this helps someone else avoid the hours of tedious experimentation I went through to find this solution.

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Printing from Mac to Windows attached HP All in One
Authored by: mschiller on Apr 12, '04 03:00:56PM

My printer is the above mentioned PSC1210. I have a TiBook as my portable, but my desktop is a PC running windows XP. (Apple needs to get an affordable sub $1000 upgradable! mac without a monitor... My PC cost me about $600 and does what a $2000 Powermac would have done at the time, but that's another story). Anyway I have tried time and again to get printing to work in the opposite direction. I want the full Software package installed on Windows, so that I can scan etc, but I'd like to print from my Mac. I tried and tried again with SMB/LPR printing and never got it to run right. Files would spool (show up on the windows box on the appropriate printer), this happened with SMB and for kicks I also tried LPR. I used the HPIJS driver on my mac, and that seemed to work fine if I connected the printer directly, but not over the network to the windows "print server"...

The only way I ever got printing to work was a custom CUPS output filter script which would upload a pdf file (might have been postscript? can't remember) to my Winblows box via SMB then a script on windows would see the new file in that folder and print it (and then delete it). It didn't work too well as you can imagine, since the script didn't work right if there wasn't a logged in user. [A big problem since I use Microsoft Remote desktop!]

Anyone come up with a better solution?

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Printing from Mac to Windows attached HP All in One
Authored by: aacp@club-intern on Apr 12, '04 08:07:04PM

I'm not sure to be a real help, but that's what i've made to print from my eMac to an "old" HP690C connected to a PC under Windows 98. The Mac is OS X 10.3.3, and connected to the PC via ethernet.
1- I installed the printer on the PC with the disquettes (!)
2- with a right-clic on the printer (on the PC) i choose "properties" to share the printer. The icon changed to an icon with a hand.
3- on the mac i used the "printer configuration" program (in the "utilities" folder) to "recognize" the printer under "windows printing" (not "printing via IP" or "open directory") and then i install the printer ("add a printer"), from OS X (10.3.3 has the 690 driver already).
4- know under the pop-up "windows printing" i have my deskjet and i can print from the mac (pdf and non-pdf files).

I'm sorry for the names of softwares and folders, but i'm using a french system...

I don't know if 10.3.3 has your driver, but maybe you can install it from a CD.

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Printing from Mac to Windows attached HP All in One
Authored by: mschiller on Apr 13, '04 10:50:10AM

I haven't tried it with Panther, but in 10.2.8 doing exactly that resulted in no print outs...

The print job would spool onto the windows box (shows up in printer jobs on the PC) the printer would pull a peice of paper in and then the LED on the printer would start flashing...

Using the same driver on the Powerbook resulted in perfect prints if attached via USB rather then the network..

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Printing from Mac to Windows attached HP All in One
Authored by: real71 on Apr 13, '04 05:39:47AM
Hi, I have a HP PSC 1350 all in one, that I use on the Mac, but I wanted to print through my PC XP, solution:

turn on Print Sharing on the Mac 10.3.3

then on the PC find the HP PSC 1350 on the network

change the drivers in the Advanced tab in the printer properties to AGFA-AccuSet 1000SF v52.3

You should now have a network printer working

It only prints black and white, but thats all I need from the PC, This might help someone.

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Your Mac becomes a postscript RIP
Authored by: theilgaard on Apr 13, '04 02:47:36AM

What should be mentioned in this story is the fact that the Mac becomes a RIP for the HP printer. Regardles if the HP printer has postscript compatibility or not, the Mac will allow postscript jobs to be printed on the printer.

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