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SMB Authentication and username shortcut Network
I don't know how I didn't realize this earlier, this might be pretty obvious to everyone ... but when browsing the network on 10.3, (possibly works for all versions of MacOS X) entering a workgroup, then opening a windows share I get a dialogue to authenticate my SMB connection asking for:
  • Workgroup/Domain
  • Username
  • Password
I used to ask for the username attached to the computer I'm trying to get into, as the workgroup is supplied and a password is not needed most of the time. But now I realized that the username can also be the NetBIOS name that shows up when browsing computers! So Network -> WORKGROUP -> NETBIOS where NETBIOS is also the username for the authentication screen. I guess the main reason I never tried it is because OS X defaults the username to MY username. Now that I figured this out, my life is going to be so much easier.

And if I could find a way to havethe user name automatically change for me that'd be even better!
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SMB Authentication and username shortcut
Authored by: jdera on Jun 22, '04 10:37:52AM

I have a hard time following exactly what this hint is trying to say. An SMB workgroup listing contains the names of its hosts, not its users. The host name has very little to do with the valid usernames on a given machine. I'm not quite sure what correlation this tip is trying to convey.

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SMB Authentication and username shortcut
Authored by: Durandal on Jun 22, '04 11:07:58AM

Yeah ... I have no idea what this guy is talking about. Usernames and NetBIOS names are completely different entities. OS X just fills in the local login name when one isn't specified.

Damien Sorresso

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SMB Authentication and username shortcut
Authored by: hamarkus on Jun 22, '04 03:42:03PM

My guess as to what he meant, is that for (Windows) servers which you can log into (i.e. whose shares you can mount) without having to supply a password but only a valid username, you can use the NETBIOS name as a valid username, so you don't have to know or look up somewhere a valid username.

This is the only thing I can conclude from this hint but I'm sceptical that this is what she or he meant (if there is any meaning to be found at all) since I find it weird that you set up a computer to require a username but not a password and that the NETBIOS name can be used as a valid username.

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SMB Authentication and username shortcut
Authored by: xst on Jun 22, '04 11:38:14AM

This "hint" could disappear and I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. This guy makes NO sense whatsoever, and if he's saying what I guess he's saying, it's an obvious feature.

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SMB Authentication and username shortcut
Authored by: CyborgSam on Jun 22, '04 07:36:59PM

Are there hints you do lose sleep over? ;)

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SMB Authentication and username shortcut
Authored by: i5ao on Jun 22, '04 12:25:55PM

Mac OS X already makes it pretty easy to re-connect automatically to SMB shares you've mounted in the past.

But on my laptop, where my user name is different than my SMB account name, I would always get the authentication screen. That bothered me.

You can do the following to save that step. Use as the server address in cmd-K Connect to Server:


Works for me.


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JS link (favelet, bookmarlet, etc.)
Authored by: the_webmaestro on Jun 23, '04 12:15:46PM
Drag this to your toolbar, and replace the appropriate items:


For more, go to (and don't forget the links page:

Father of Jeremy Logan Leeds

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SMB Authentication and username shortcut
Authored by: shaitan on Jun 22, '04 12:47:19PM

I only have to log with the user name and password once. After that I make an alias of the share and ever after just double-click on the alias. No more logging in, instead I get immediate gratification when it pops open a Finder window inside the share.

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One small problem with aliases
Authored by: hamarkus on Jun 22, '04 03:51:33PM

There is just one small problem with aliases to servers, at least in my experience. When you disconnect from a network with shares being mounted (after that your computer will nicely ask whether you would like to disconnect from the servers/shares, since the connection was lost), the aliases to these shares stop working. If you delete them and make new ones, the new ones wont work either. Aliases to other shares on the same server will keep working.

Only after a restart will these aliases start working again.

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