Apple releases speed- and CPU-bumped G5s

Apr 01, '04 09:15:00AM

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Apple Unveils 'Wicked Fast' G5 Cubed

Cupertino, CA -- April 1, 2004 -- Apple® today announced its first-ever triple-CPU system, the PowerMac G5 Cubed®. Featuring a total of three G5 processors, the G5 Cubed offers unmatched desktop processing power. "It's clearly the fastest thing we've ever made, and it's head and shoulders above anything the Wintel world has to offer," said Apple and Pixar CEO Steve Jobs.

"Pixar is what really drove us to make this machine," Steve continued. "After they switched to the G5 last quarter, they told me they really needed some added horsepower for the render farm. We had our engineers look at quad-CPU G5s, but our water cooling system isn't quite yet ready for prime time. People have been asking us to bring back the Cube, and while we don't feel we're ready to tackle that form factor again, we liked the name a lot and so 'G5 Cubed' stuck."

There will be two models in the G5 Cubed line, the entry-level triple 2.0ghz machine and the top-of-the-line triple 2.5ghz model. Both feature the industry's highest bandwidth memory (400 MHz 128-bit DDR SDRAM with throughput up to 6.4 GBps); the industry's fastest PCI interface available on a desktop (133 MHz PCI-X); and cutting-edge AGP 8X Pro graphics capabilities, all wrapped in the award-winning G5 aluminum enclosure. Each CPU features an independent front-side bus running at speeds of up to 1.25ghz. The entry-level model will start at $2,899, while the top-of-the-line Cubed model will begin at $3,599.

"Due to our incredible relationship with IBM, we've been able to really drive down the cost on these CPUs, but obviously, they'll cost more than a comparable dual machine," said Jobs. "Overall, I'm pleased with where we were able to price the Cubed. Based on its astounding performance and modest price point, I fully expect that we'll be upgrading Virginia Tech again, in addition to Pixar. It's quite possible that the G5 Cubed may enable Virginia Tech to claim second spot on the supercomputer list." Due to the expected high level of launch customer demand, general availability of these machines is targeted for late July.

The new machines are slightly larger than their predecessors, due to the six inches of space required for the third processor and assorted cooling fans. "But we made the most of that space," said Jobs, "by including a second USB port and two FireWire 800 ports on the front of the machine."

The G5 Cubed is available for immediate order on the Apple store ( and can be custom configured with additional RAM, hard drives, and upgraded video cards.

The G5 Cubed® represents Apple's continuing leadership of the personal computer revolution, which Apple ignited in the 1970s with the Apple II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings.

[robg adds: Though we don't normally cover press releases, this one hit home as my Dual G5 just took a major hit in value on the used computer market!]

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