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Safari 1.2.1 supports JavaScript keystrokes Web Browsers
Version 1.2.1 (v125.1) of Safari, the one that comes with the 10.3.3 update, supports the document.onkeydown event, which I don't think it did before. For example, you can press Control-Shift-H when viewing mail on to go to the Help section of the site. Or, if you're posting on an Invision Power Board, you can press Control-B to open a [b] tag. Please note that it says to press alt-B, but the correct keystroke in Safari is control-B.
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Authored by: 5chm31din6 on Mar 24, '04 11:34:49AM
Also new is the print.window() javascript function, and the accesskey="(key)" attribute for form fields (which is accessed by pressing ctrl+whatever key is defined).

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Authored by: FlyBoy on Mar 24, '04 03:14:58PM

I think that it is actually javascript:window.print()


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accesskey on other websites?
Authored by: blueaudio on Mar 24, '04 01:40:13PM

I have an internal website that I use for organizing, and the accesskey attribute is really useful for keyboard shortcuts. The only difficulty is knowing what other sites make use of it. I haven't seen any way to easily list all the shortcuts for a site without searching through the source.

For example, uses ctrl-s to highlight the search field. Does anyone know of a general list of these? If you know of other sites that use the accesskey or onkeydown attributes, please post them here!

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Re: accesskey on other websites?
Authored by: 5chm31din6 on Mar 24, '04 03:20:04PM
I don't know of other sites in particular that use the accesskey function, however there is a great article about the usage of it at:

It would be helpful if sites would follow the usability suggestions in the article, such as underlining (or bolding) the letter of the access key, and so forth.

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accesskey conflict
Authored by: sjk on Mar 24, '04 10:10:27PM
Anyone here know how to disable accesskeys in Safari? They interfere with control key shortcuts I frequently use while composing messages on several forums. For example, control-p often activates "preview post" instead of moving to the previous line. Or control-b inserts bold UBB code markers. Even worse, I've accidentally posted something that couldn't be edited or deleted without even realizing which accesskey did it.

One option for Safari might be to disable accesskeys while keyboard focus is in a text input widget (or whatever it's called), but this ain't my area of expertise so I'm not sure if that's the "right" thing to do or if the current behavior might actually be a bug.

mezzoblue  §  I Do Not Use Accesskeys is an interesting article/discussion of them, including reasons why some people (like me) are annoyed rather than served by them. I've posted the previous paragraphs of this posting there.

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