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Put iDVD on a 1.5+ Gigabyte diet Apps
Launch iDVD and write down the title of every theme you cannot live without. Quit iDVD.

Go to your application folder and control-click on the iDVD icon. Choose "Show Package Contents." Open the "Contents" folder then the "Resources" folder. Move all files that have the .theme extension (that are not on your favorites list) to a separate folder on your desktop. Burn this new folder onto a DVD-R then delete it. If you change your mind and there is a theme you want to use later on, you can always copy it back to this original location from the DVD-R.

In addition to saving up to two gigs of space, this procedure may also cut down the initial startup as well -- but I have not tested this.
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Put iDVD on a 1.5+ Gigabyte diet | 2 comments | Create New Account
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Put iDVD on a 1.5+ Gigabyte diet
Authored by: cutterchgo on Mar 23, '04 10:07:31AM

Wow! 1.3Gig saved and everything is working just fine. I had no idea there were that many themes in 4.0 (I haven't burned in many, many months) nor that they took up so much space.

Great tip.

- b r y

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Move internal iDVD themes to a different disk drive, volume or partition
Authored by: DavidVH on Oct 03, '05 05:16:46PM
If you are short of space on your boot volume and want to move the 1.4+ GB of Apple-provided themes out of the iDVD application and onto a separate partition or hard disk drive, it's remarkably easy (thanks to schneb's hint and symbolic links)!

You can use the Finder as described above to display the iDVD application package / Contents / Resources folder and select all the files ending in .theme, then copy them to a new location on the other disk or partition (I put them into the Application Support directory in my home directory Library); or you can use Terminal, which makes things easier because you're able to use wildcards and work with several files at once. If you're using Terminal, this is a piece of cake:

  1. cp /Applications/*.theme ~/Library/Application\ Support/iDVD/Included\ Themes
  2. Verify that they're there now by typing
    ls ~/Library/Application\ Support/iDVD/Included\ Themes
    before doing the next step:
  3. rm /Applications/*.theme
And you'll definitely want to use Terminal for the last step, making symbolic links pointing to each file in the new location from the old one:
  1. ln -s ~/Library/Application\ Support/iDVD/Included\ Themes/* /Applications/
That's it! Remember that if you later choose to move the themes again to a different location, the symbolic links will need to be changed (recreated) too or they won't work any more.

Now you have a slim, trim iDVD application and all the Apple themes at your disposal!

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