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Rearrange rolls in the iPhoto library Apps

The rolls in the iPhoto library are invariably sorted by the import date of the roll. If rolls are imported in a different order than they were actually taken (for example, migrating a photo archive to iPhoto), the chronological order of the rolls is lost and cannot be restored.

Or so I thought, until I noticed that the field of the info dialog which displays the import date and time actually is an input field. Its value can be changed! And the roll is rearranged in the library according the changed value.

To display the info dialog for a roll: view library by film roll (toggle by Shift-Command-F), select a roll, display the info dialog (toggle by the i button under the source list). The Date: field is the one. Although the value contains date and time, it is possible to just enter the date; in this case, the time (strangely) is taken from the previous value.

On a side note: A curious bug shows up for rolls that contain only one photo. If such a roll is selected, then the info dialog of the picture is shown instead of the one of the roll, thus the import date of the roll is inaccessible. Duplicating the picture solves the problem. To duplicate: open roll, select picture if not yet selected, duplicate by Command-D.

This hint applies to iPhoto 4.0.

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Rearrange rolls in the iPhoto library
Authored by: natecook on Mar 12, '04 11:47:19AM

Cool! Is this scriptable? I've got a bunch of rolls (like, 40 or 50) with this problem and it would be nice to automatically update the roll date with the date of the last photo on the roll...

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Are you sure?
Authored by: jecwobble on Mar 12, '04 12:28:31PM

After various attempts at consolidating multiple libraries (many instructions found at this site), I gave up and manually reorganized all original photos from those libraries into folders and sub-folders in Finder- each folder representing what I deemed a film roll. I then created a new, blank library and imported each folder one by one, so that iPhoto treated each folder as a contiguous import of one film roll.

In each case, the date associated with the newly imported film roll was taken from the first photo in the import, not the date and time of the import. I have film rolls dating back to 2000, and I never had to set their chronological order.

Perhaps it has to do with different methods of importing. For instance, I never import directly from my camera into iPhoto. I may take many pictures on several different days/occasions before uploading to my computer. Then, after putting them all in my ~/Pictures folder with Image Capture, I'll pick, say, the first 10 photos to import into their film roll, and the next 10 into theirs.

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Re: Are you sure?
Authored by: mesch on Mar 13, '04 06:23:14AM

Looks like this behavior changed (to the better) in iPhoto 4. There conceivably is still need for manual roll ordering if the creation date of the picture files is not the creation date of the photos, e.g. importing scanned old photos.

By the way, iPhoto 4 has the useful function "New film roll from selection" (in the "File" menu) to split a film roll in two.

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Rearrange rolls in the iPhoto library
Authored by: forthy on Mar 12, '04 05:58:59PM

Great hint!

Is there any chance to sort Albums alphabeticaly? New created albums ar always at the bottom of the list. I'd like to have them in a alphabetical order.

Couldn't figure out how to do this...


Tu nix ohne Unix

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Rearrange rolls in the iPhoto library
Authored by: calnelson on Mar 12, '04 06:17:41PM

Simple. Just drag the Album to its new position

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Rearrange rolls in the iPhoto library
Authored by: shidoshi on Mar 25, '04 11:21:12PM

Are you talking about Film Rolls? I've tried manually re-arranging film rolls, and I just can't do it. I've made every day for my film rolls the same, and I'd like them now to sort by the roll's actual name - but no go. So, if I can re-arrange them manually, I'd love to do it.

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No need to duplicate photo
Authored by: ajoakland on Mar 12, '04 07:06:31PM

Howdy, You don't have to duplicate the photo. First click on the roll, then command(apple)-click on the photo. The first click selects the album, the command-click de-selects the photo. Now the info window shows the Album's information.

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Rearrange rolls in the iPhoto library
Authored by: JaxMyers on Mar 12, '04 09:19:40PM

Can't you just click and drag photos from one film roll to another in iPhoto4?

I gave up on film rolls and just display all my photos at the same time though. I don't like the blank space between rolls when you show them.

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