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Control iTunes from any account using speech Apps
I discovered, by accident, that if you control iTunes (or anything, I guess!) using speech in Panther, you can switch to another account, and speakable items will continue to work in the original account. My wife and I use a microphone to control my Mac (mostly iTunes) as its in the basement (poor thing!) and our stereo is upstairs. Quite often, some other account is in use besides the "Entertainment" account where iTunes lives and (we thought) it required a trip downstairs to switch back. I guess we were wrong!

Hope you find this useful!
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Control iTunes from any account using speech
Authored by: mcmikemn on Mar 10, '04 02:10:47PM

This is really unrelated, so feel free to email me a response if you want, instead of posting it here.

What are the details of your setup that make it possible to use voice control in another room from your the computer you're controlling?


- Mike

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please post response here!
Authored by: Greedo on Mar 10, '04 03:01:11PM

This sounds very interesting ... I too would like to know how you do this.

As a side note, if one user can control another user's applications via voice, isn't this a security issue?

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Control iTunes from any account using speech
Authored by: epeirce on Mar 10, '04 04:52:59PM

can't seem to get it to work.
are both users on the same machine or are you using rendezvous?
if so do you leave iTunes running on the first user before logging in to the next or do you quit it? do you leave speech on or turn it off? are your speech commands in the shared folder? in other words: we want details,

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More Details (I posted this hint)...
Authored by: iggybird on Mar 10, '04 10:25:49PM

First, let me say that I have not done extensive testing. In fact, I only witnessed it once before I posted the hint. I've had a chance to experiment a little now and IT DOES WORK! Sorry for the initial lack of detail; Here's the facts:

My setup is not as slick as some of you may be thinking. My Mac is downstairs, directly under our entertainment center in the living room above. I have a Macally iVoice microphone resting on top of the entertainment center, connected to the Mac by a 10 ft. USB extension cable running through a hole I drilled in the floor (not as bad as it sounds). I also have an audio cable connecting the Mac and our stereo in the living room.

I have an Administrator account where I'm using several Applescripts to control different iTunes functions like Play/Pause, Next Song, Switch Playlists, etc. The scripts are stored in the "Speakable Items" folder in the Administrator account Library.

With iTunes and speech running, I can switch to the limited account I set up for our kids (which doesn't have speech activated) and still control iTunes with my voice as if I were still logged into the Admnistrator account (I have to tell it to "Play" again). I'll admit, it never seems to work when I'm upstairs, but it does work nonetheless.

As far as it being a security issue, I guess it is if it works with any speakable item (I haven't tested anything else but iTunes).

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More Details (I posted this hint)...
Authored by: osxpounder on Mar 11, '04 12:58:30AM

So, if it never seems to wrk upstairs, and that's where your microphone is, ... how do you know it's working?

LOL. Anyway, I guess you have to be careful what you say in the living room. If someone slips the word "Stop" into an MP3...


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More Details (I posted this hint)...
Authored by: nwsnow on Mar 11, '04 01:52:18PM


I'm sure it's not perfect, but it's a darn fine idea.

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