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Activate Dvorak keymapping in XFree86 Apps
Since XDarwin uses its own keymapping, those of us with alternate keyboard layouts, such as Dvorak, can't type normally in X11 applications. To fix this you need an ".xmodmap" file in your home directory. One can be obtained here, and I have provided it here for your convenience (read the rest of the hint to see it).

If you do not already have one, you will also need a standard 'USA.keymapping' file. Download it!. Now select it in the startup tab of XDarwins preferences, and you should be good to go!

Earlier versions of XFree86 will respond to a System 7 keymapping file. You want the Dvorak International file off of this page. Extract the file and rename 'DI Dvorak' to 'dvorak.keymapping'. Now point XDarwin to it in XDarwin's Startup preference tab. Dvorak should work now.

! this is a file for setting up Dvorak keyboard arrangement
! under X-Windows of unix OS.
! This file is prepared by Xah Lee ()
! Xah's home page is ""
! The content below the dashed line is obtained from
! The above url is valid as of 2000/02.
! ANSI Dvorak keyboard
! Author: Jeff Bigler ()
! Last modified: 1996/08/27 13:45:30 by 
! This file should be given as an argument to xmodmap to
! switch from a qwerty to a Dvorak keyboard.
! If you want to be easily able to switch the keyboard
! back to its previous state, first run xmodmap -pke and
! redirect the output to a file.  Then you can switch back
! by giving that file as an argument to xmodmap.  For
! example, if you type:
!     xmodmap -pke > /tmp/keyboard.default      
! before switching the keyboard, you can then type:
!     xmodmap /tmp/keyboard.default
! to reset the keyboard to its previous state.
! Note that if you pass this file again as an argument to
! xmodmap, you will apply these translations a second time
! and come out with gibberish!
keysym q = quoteright quotedbl
keysym w = comma less
keysym e = period greater
keysym r = p P
keysym t = y Y
keysym y = f F
keysym u = g G
keysym i = c C
keysym o = r R
keysym p = l L
keysym bracketleft = slash question
keysym bracketright = equal plus
keysym a = a A
keysym s = o O
keysym d = e E
keysym f = u U
keysym g = i I
keysym h = d D
keysym j = h H
keysym k = t T
keysym l = n N
keysym semicolon = s S
keysym quoteright = minus underscore
keysym z = semicolon colon
keysym x = q Q
keysym c = j J
keysym v = k K
keysym b = x X
keysym n = b B
keysym m = m M
keysym comma = w W
keysym period = v V
keysym slash = z Z
! The keysyms for the top row have been moved to the end
! of the file (and translations that would normally have
! no effect are still included) because of conflicts with
! some of the extended keysyms on HP workstations.  If the
! keysyms for the 8 and 9 keys are not defined explicitly
! *after* the keysyms for bracketleft and bracketright,
! they end up getting bound to "slash question" and "equal
! plus", respectively.
keysym 1 = 1 exclam
keysym 2 = 2 at
keysym 3 = 3 numbersign
keysym 4 = 4 dollar
keysym 5 = 5 percent
keysym 6 = 6 asciicircum
keysym 7 = 7 ampersand
keysym 8 = 8 asterisk
keysym 9 = 9 parenleft
keysym 0 = 0 parenright
keysym minus = bracketleft braceleft
keysym equal = bracketright braceright
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Activate Dvorak keymapping in XFree86
Authored by: kirkmc on Mar 09, '04 11:08:03AM

I haven't used X11 for much, other than futzing around in Xterm, but why can I type in Dvorak without having configured the settings as you suggest? Or does Xterm pick up the system layout, and other applications don't?

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Activate Dvorak keymapping in XFree86
Authored by: jporten on Mar 09, '04 06:29:48PM

There are a couple of different X11s floating about. If you use the official Apple X11 (the one living in your Utilities folder), your selected keyboard propagates to X11. I can't remember if that's Panther only, or if recent Jag versions do that do. But with XFree86/XDarwin/other ways to run X11 on the Mac, you have to do the manual hack.

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