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Try a different CD drive to install OS X on Beige G3 Install
Like many I have endured the frustrations of attempting to install OS X on a Beige G3. Recently I needed to do a fresh install of OS X Jaguar on a beige tower (Rev C) that I knew to be receptive to OS X. I had successfully, if somewhat time consumingly, installed it on this machine in the past.

This time round it was proving to be very unreceptive. I checked the usual suspects: Removed all non essential PCI devices, stuck to a single 128mb stick of RAM, unplugged a SCSI zip drive for the heck of it, made sure the drive and CD were on separate IDE busses, and both set as master, ensured I was installing on a less than 8gb 'first' partition. It just didn't want to go. I tried every combination of zapping the pram, booting into open firmware and resetting it, pressing the CUDA switch again. Still nothing. I then moved to my final 'bright' idea - X Post Facto. I used the 'latest stable release' 2.2.5.... and that wouldn't work either.

Finally something told me that the system might not be liking my Sony DVD-ROM (even though I had used this in the past to install OS X on the same machine). Fortunately I had my original, if somewhat flakey Apple-branded Sony CD-ROM lying around. I put that in, and it booted into the installer first time. Since I'm partial to 'look a gift horse in the mouth' disease, I immediately turned the machine off and switched back to the Sony DVD-ROM to try that again. I wanted to be sure it was the change in hardware that was making the difference. Sure enough -- black screen of death. I switched back to the original CD-ROM, and it booted again first time. Success!
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Might also try zapping PRAM
Authored by: earthsaver on Mar 09, '04 11:16:03AM

Last year, I helped a friend install Jaguar on his beige G3. After no booting success, we tried zapping the PRAM (Command+Option+P+R at startup until the 4th chime). Worked like a charm!

- Ben Rosenthal
Q16 1.25 - Panther

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I upgraded from the original OS X...
Authored by: rocketmac on Mar 09, '04 01:27:08PM

I had installed OS X (the very first one) on my beige G3 266 MT. No problem, even though the OS was not very mature yet. I had upgraded incrementally up to Jaguar, of course Panther is a no-g0 as far as I know. Not too long ago, I tried a clean install of Jaguar, it didn't work. So I installed the original OS X then upgraded to Jaguar. Not sure why it works this way, but it does...

Drew Walters

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Try latest XPostFacto for Panther on Beige G3
Authored by: johnsawyercjs on Mar 10, '04 01:32:15AM

The latest XPostFacto (at is supposed to successfully install Panther on a beige G3, minus a couple problems, like the logic board video port not working--you'll need a video card.

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I'm about to do this
Authored by: DelVach on Mar 09, '04 02:42:52PM
I've got a Beige G3 266 MT that I'm gearing up to install OS X on- just need a hard drive. Since this seems like the right thread, and I haven't even properly googled the subject yet, this seems like a good thread to ask for advice, pitfalls, useful links, etc. Basically:
  • Has a NewerTech G4/400 Ziff upgrade, but I still have the original G3
  • I'm going to install a 60Gig drive (from my LaCie Firewire drive, which will be getting a new 160+), partitioned of course
  • Has a MacAlly USB card (But I still have the original serial keyboard & mouse)
  • Has Radeon (first PCI Mac version), but original on-board video should still work (also have a Rage Orion sitting around)
So without trying to sound TOO lazy, any advice? I'm not too bad with basic hardware wrangling, but the last time I tried to get X on the system was probably 10.1, and I've tried to block it out.

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I'm about to do this
Authored by: blgrace on Mar 09, '04 06:37:51PM

I have a Beige G3 Desktop with a Powerlogix 500mhz ZIF upgrade, 384mb ram, PCI USB and 100/10 Ethernet cards installed.

The only way I have been able to install Jaguar (and I've done this a few times now after stupidly experimenting with 10.2.8 upgrade and trying to install CUPS software) is to pull out all but one ram stick and both the USB and Ethernet cards. Trying to boot from my SCSI burner just didn't work.

So my advice - pull out all you PCI cards, leave only one stick of ram in, disconnect all SCSI devices and Jaguar will install happily.

The only glitch I had recently was after hosing my system by trying to install CUPS again (to see if I could get a printer working) , was that upgrading to 10.2.6 caused a crash (The grey Japanese screen of death with the "Please restart your computer by holding down the power key" message. This left the update unsuccessful and caused instability. I had to delete the 10.2.6 receipt in /Library/ Receipts and reinstall the 10.2.6 upgrade to properly complete the upgrade.

If you value your sanity, avoid the temptation to go to 10.2.8 and forget about Panther. I haven't used XPostFacto, Version 3.0a14 is available but it states on the developer's site that inbuilt video on the Beige G3 is not supported under Panther.

Phew..... so have fun :-)

oh p.s if you use Roxio Toast and you have an external SCSI burner and start getting BUS RESET errors when trying to burn CDs , save yourself some angst by changing SCSI cables - don't look for software/driver answers.

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I'm about to do this
Authored by: gdiddy on Mar 10, '04 09:10:36AM

Make sure you partition your 60gig and install your system stuff into the first 8gigs. So partition your drive 8gig/52gig.

I have found that Lite-On it drives seem to work for installing OS X on my beige bomber. I purchased a Norcent 52/36/52 drive at Best Buy for 19.99 (after rebates) Works flawlessly!. I had gone through many different attempts at installing OS X on this machine - Removing G4 upgrade processor, firewire card, ram hard drive, zap pram etc. EVERYTHING! Always went to the black screen. I can now install OS X with all of these upgrades in place - and fast as hell! 52 speed vs. 8 speed with my old apple drive.

I would suggest everyone pick up a CDRW made by Lite-On It.

Check here - -

for tips and hints on drive compatibilities.

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I'm about to do this
Authored by: greyhawk on Mar 11, '04 01:58:08AM

I have had various sucess/failure depending on the Beige system. I have a MT with a G4/466, a Raedon 7000, and an Orange FireWire/USB2, and a G3/266 DT, and a G3/300 DT. I spent several attempts to load a fresh Jag install on the 266DT, as I was having lockups without warning, and seemingly without reason. I never could get that system working consistently, even after the following process, which worked on the G3/300.

I built a clean Jag install on a firewire disk (using a TiBook), then used BootCD creator to build a boot CD with CarbonCopyCloner on it. This is where it got interesting, I had to do a 10.2 base install on the G3 internal disk (presumably to install something into the disk), and only after that I could boot from my built CD and Clone the firewire disk onto the G3 internal disk. Just booting from the CD and Cloning the firewire disk didn't work. It's been fine ever since, even installing the Software Updates as they have come out. It's my iTunes music server.

I'd still like to know what was (is) causing the freezes. The 266DT still freezes, even without any cards, and only one 256MB stick. (Yes, I completely reformatted the HD)

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Get XPostFacto if you want to use Panther on Beige G3
Authored by: NarratorDan on Mar 10, '04 02:11:27AM
XPostFacto will allow Panther to be installed on Old World PCI Macintoshes from the 7300 to the 9600 and pre B&W G3s (AIO, beige, tower.) The stable version (2.2.5) will only install Jaguar, but the alfa of version 3.0 (3.0a14) is fantastic and will install Panther.
However, you will need a Radeon for the G3 because onboard video is not supported yet. G3 onboard support is expected in the next three to six months.

More info and XPostfacto can be found here


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