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Use Romeo to program cell phone / Mac interaction Apps
This may not be worthy, but one of the best apps i have ever found is by far Romeo. This handy little (free) Bluetooth app creates a whole new world on your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. AppleScripters will love the functionality -- if you can do it with AppleScript, you can do it with Romeo. The proximity settings still need some work, but the app is the envy of every Mac Addict i know.
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Use Romeo to program cell phone / Mac interaction | 13 comments | Create New Account
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Use Romeo to program cell phone / Mac interaction
Authored by: nevyn on Mar 01, '04 02:29:23PM

Aaaand of course Salling Clicker...

Last I tried, Clicker seemed waay better than Romeo.


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Use Romeo to program cell phone / Mac interaction
Authored by: dan55304 on Mar 02, '04 11:06:41AM

Salling Clicker has some nice features, yes. However, after trying the latest version for a couple of days I just couldn't stand it anymore and went back to Romeo. I'm running 10.3.2 and have a Nokia 3650.

The reasons:
1. Salling Clicker interrupts other processes. Try Marine Aquarium and you'll see what I mean. The fish stop moving every few seconds. I had iTunes running so I assume Clicker was updating my display constantly.
2. Tooooo slooooow. It took Clicker a few seconds to process a request to change tracks. That meant iTunes was completely silent during the change. Spinning lolly-pop, no response from iTunes, etc. Yuck!
3. Cost. $20 is too much for an iTunes and DVD remote control (my only use for a product like this)
4. Scripting. I find it easy to expand the scripting in Romeo. Maybe I would Clicker too, once I got used to it.

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Use Romeo to program cell phone / Mac interaction
Authored by: momerath on Mar 01, '04 02:58:26PM

And now, $20 more expensive (last week, only $10).

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Use Romeo to program cell phone / Mac interaction
Authored by: jporten on Mar 01, '04 03:20:49PM

How much of your time does it take to be worth $20?

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Use Romeo to program cell phone / Mac interaction
Authored by: nyarlathotep on Mar 02, '04 01:17:01AM

Its never worth $20 if there is an open source version which is almost as good. You can add any feature you really really want to an open source program.. usually with realitively little effort. When you find a feature you really want, you spend 5min thinking about if its likely to be ``theoretically easy to implement'' and wether its likely best done as a script of a sourc e code modification. 95% of the time, you descide, "Yes, its easy to do, but not quite easy enough, so I'll life with it the way it is." But at least under an open source lissence you have that option.

If you pay the shareware people your just incuraging them.. a bad idea. Plenty of open source authors are asking for donations, give it to them instead and don't give it to people who lissencing style harms the community (by discuraging a more real freeware author from writing a similar program).

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Use Romeo to program cell phone / Mac interaction
Authored by: watson on Mar 05, '04 03:23:21PM

What's wrong with encouraging shareware developers?

Many of them make excellent software for a _very_ reasonable price which I gladly pay because
- I'm not skilled enough to make it myself
- I don't have the time to do it myself
- in many cases they make software with the quality of (sometimes even exceeding) commercial ones.

Sure, there are many freeware developers and they should also be encouraged, but I still don't see anything wrong in using (and paying for) shareware.

Just my .02,

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romeo takeover!
Authored by: signal15 on Mar 01, '04 05:11:52PM

Romeo takes over your bluetooth connection though. You cannot sync with it running and other bluetooth functionality does not work. I don't remember having this problem with the beta of Sailing Clicker.

But, Sailing Clicker just raised their price to $20. Screw that. $10 was reasonable before, but $20? That's ridiculous. There's a sweet spot in pricing for shareware apps where you maximize your revenue, and I suspect that Sailing Clicker is well outside of it now. People are either going to not buy it, pirate it, or find something cheaper/free. I was going to buy Sailing Clicker because it is nicer than romeo, but it's not $20 nicer. I guess I'll settle for Romeo for now and submit bug fixes if I get time.

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romeo takeover!
Authored by: thevil on Mar 01, '04 08:15:16PM

I think it's great that Romeo exist for people that can't afford the 20 bucks. But IMHO $20 is not expensive for Clicker. It's one of the best apps on the Mac and the support is superb.

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romeo takeover!
Authored by: aranor on Mar 02, '04 05:31:23AM

$20 is perfectly reasonable for Salling Clicker - it's a very capable application.

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romeo takeover!
Authored by: RickoKid on Mar 02, '04 06:31:55PM

I don't have any trouble syncing with my Ericsson T610 when Romeo is running ... try changing the "Using Port:" drop-menu in Romeo's options ... mine is set to 5 and it works fine.

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Use Romeo to program cell phone / Mac interaction
Authored by: Chris Andrews on Mar 02, '04 04:27:55AM

Romeo seamed the much better option until I got a Sony Ericsson P900, now I have to buy something called VETA Universal UIQ. And I really don't know what options is best.

Any ideas from people who have used VETA would help me decide.

Thanks, CA

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Use Romeo to program cell phone / Mac interaction
Authored by: djLOKI on Mar 02, '04 10:39:39AM

I found the Romeo/Veta combo to be VERY buggy on my Nokia 3650. "AppServeThers" or whatever crashes were commonplace. If one tried to sync their phone without disconnecting, any "leave" action scripts would initiate as it thought the phone left.

Both Apps suffer from a case of "even looks like a cheap application-itis"

I was glad to be able to go back to Sallings Clicker this week, I was surprised at how much it has developed since I used it on a T68 a year ago.

Oh, and if you have a serial number (I bought mine almost 16 months ago) version 2.1 is a freebie!

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Salling Clicker and P800
Authored by: bbowden on Mar 02, '04 05:47:09PM

It took me about a minute of using Salling clicker with a P800 before I was reaching for my credit card. The $20 was not an issue.

Instant control of iTunes, bringing up iPhoto images on the phone, controlling the mouse with the stylus on the phone - this is instant entertainment value!

I don't need iTunes to mute when the phone rings but I can see how that would be great for others.

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