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Correct Asian music ID3 tags using iTunes Apps
If you listen to Korean/Chinese/Japanese music through iTunes, but get scrambles instead of the correct unicode set, this may help. This is not a solution for everyone since it requires the Windows version of iTunes, but it's a good way to fix the problem for those of you that do.

I've been using my iBook for music now for over a year now, but most of my music will not be encoded correctly by iTunes. However, if I first load the songs in iTunes for Windows, then I right-click the song (or multiple songs) then convert ID3 tag version to 2.4, it seems to work perfectly when I transfer them back to the Mac.

Also, you can do this through a network (leaving all the songs in your Mac's iTunes playlists) by adding the songs if you don't want to move the songs to your PC (it'll take a bit longer). Then when iTunes on the Mac refreshes the songs, the new tags will show up.

Important: make sure the iTunes on your PC isn't copying files to its own music library by checking the prefs.

My friends use this too, and it seems to work great. Hope this helps others with mis-encoded tags. Or that Apple will fix this bug?
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Correct Asian music ID3 tags using iTunes
Authored by: Ezekiel on Mar 01, '04 02:55:58PM

I haven't had this problem... though I should admit I've only encoded six japanese albums, all in the same series. iTunes (v4.1) got the info from cddb, and it works like a charm after encoding.

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Correct Asian music ID3 tags using iTunes
Authored by: arekkusu on Mar 01, '04 05:14:57PM

The few times I've had my Japanese tags corrupted (all when upgrading iTunes, actually!) the "reverse Unicode" option in the ID3 tag dialog has fixed them for me. No need for any other app/platform.

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Correct Asian music ID3 tags using iTunes
Authored by: Kutuki- on Mar 01, '04 05:53:15PM

I cannot find a "reverse Unicode" option in the ID3 tag dialog :(
Can you be more specific? I have this problem once in a while, specialy with download songs.

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Correct Asian music ID3 tags using iTunes
Authored by: MordEth on Mar 01, '04 06:26:16PM

select the tracks you want to use it on, then use the right-mousebutton to get your context menu. pick "Convert ID3 tags". you'll see a radio button for "Reverse Unicode" there.

hope this helps.

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Correct Asian music ID3 tags using iTunes
Authored by: Chancha on Mar 02, '04 10:29:38PM
Not sure about other Unicode ID3 tags, but I have been dealing with Japanese tags specifically s-jis ones enough to find this work around:

(applies when you have gibberish ID3 tags of Japanese mp3s with shift jis encoding, typically ripped/tagged by Windows users)

1) (iTunes must not be opened for this step) Change your OS X app UI language into Japanese (localization). Do it in System Preference -> International -> Language (1st tab), drag "Nihongo" to the top of the list. If it isn't there yet, click "Edit" and find the checkbox for it and check it, go back out and it will be there

2) launch iTunes, import said mp3s like you would usually. Now gibberish may or not appear*.

3) whichever the case, right click on the mp3(s), click the one with "ID3" in the text (it would be "Convert ID3 Tags..." in English environment). Check the 2nd checkbox, and click the first radio button which is ASCII to ISO Latin-1. Click OK and the tags should convert to be "displaying right" at least (legiable).

4) we are not done yet. This step is a bit tedious and I haven't gotten a work around yet. May be some Applescripts for renaming can help but not by much. Anyway, what you just did in step3, the "ASCII to ISO" was just a "display switch", the ID3 itself hasn't been edited yet. What you have to do now is to go into the ID3 info of each mp3 (cmd+i), within each and every field that has Japanese text, change it to something else and then change back so that iTunes will save the right one at the end. Usually I just put a character at the back or start of the field. Make sure you add something to the tag and then click OK, and cmd+i again and change it back to the "right" tag (so iTunes saves TWICE). By this method you can ensure the switched tags will absolutely display right even after you launch iTunes under English localization. I believe by doing this you should end up having 100% Unicode tags, not too sure though.

* iTunes sometimes already handles some Japanese tags (with encodings other than UTF-8) right if you launch it under Japanese localization. I am positive that it doesn't happen if you just run it under English
PS: I don't deal with other Asian ID3 tags so I am not sure if the same can work with respective localizations.

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Correct Asian music ID3 tags using iTunes
Authored by: octavius on Mar 04, '04 03:59:28AM

doing this can break OS X stuff like pref panes. thats why i dont use this

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Correct Asian music ID3 tags using iTunes
Authored by: blinkingbart on Mar 03, '04 01:51:08AM

I copied quite a bit of Chinese mp3s off my old PC -- before the days of iTunes for Windows. Every single one of them had garbled up names in the ID3 tags.

I found this application that converted all of those tages to proper Unicode format that look normal on OS X. It can even convert the names to simplified or traditional format as required.

This is the URL:

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Correct Asian music ID3 tags using iTunes
Authored by: daviddp69 on Jan 01, '05 02:20:44PM

Hi I had the same problem on my computer. I am converting from XP to OS X and upon importing all of my mp3s, i lost all of my Korean text. I have spent some time looking for a solution and this is the best one I came up with:

Go ahead and import the files as you normally would. Once they are done, go to the system prefs, International panel. From there, make Korean be the language to be used. Log out, log back in, and then start up itunes.

Select the files you want to fix and right click (or ctrl click) to get the sub menu. Look for the entry that has ID3 written on it.

On the ID3 window, select the option that says ASCII to Latin. It should be the second item you can select. Cross your fingers and if you're lucky, it should correct the ID3 tags.

Once you are done, you can go and switch back to English for the text.

I haven't tried it yet, but you might not even have to log out, you might be able to just switch to korean, start up itunes and it might work too.

Hope that helps some people

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