Install 10.3 after using ext3-formatted Yellow Dog Linux

Feb 27, '04 09:36:00AM

Contributed by: johram

I've been trying Yellow Dog Linux 3.0.1 on my iBook, and it's been great. I've put it on my secondary hardisk on my PowerMac. But now my iBook wants to get back to Panther, so I'll restore the image I made of her HD. What I discovered:

  1. A simple "erase" in Disk Utility didn't work.
  2. A simple partition on disk utilities didn't work.
What would happen? Well I'd erase and then partition the drive as HFS+journaled (same as the backed up disk image) and restore it. I tried Carbon Copy Cloner, Disk Utility's restore function, ASR from the command line and NetRestore. All of them left me with a circle with "/" through it. And running Tech Tool pro 4 resulted in a failure of repairing volume structure. Same with DiskWarrior 3. From TTP4's output:
Precheck Structures This test checks the readability of the various volume structures. Precheck Structures
The only thing that worked -- the only method that allowed me to boot into my backup image -- was using Disk Utility's "Zero all data" and "8-way random write format". Then I used Carbon Copy Cloner to copy from the mounted backup image to my super clean ibook. Now Lynn (the iBook) is now enjoying Aqua goodness!

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