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Move iTunes playlists and songs via file export Apps
Say you have a Smart Playlist of songs you want to copy to iTunes on another machine. Usually, you can mount the other machine's drive on your Desktop, and drag all the songs from the playlist to the folder you want, then go to the other machine and add them to your library. Well, lately iTunes hasn't wanted to let me drag and drop files into the Finder. It just does ... nothing. Sometimes it will copy, say, a single album, but if I try to do 100 songs, it's definitely a no-go.

Anyway, so the workaround is pretty simple. First, select the Playlist you want to copy and go to File -> Export Song List..., then save that file (XML format is probably best) wherever you want. Then open iTunes on the machine you want to copy to, and make sure you have "Copy files to iTunes Music Folder when adding to Library" checked in the Advanced section of your iTunes prefs. Then go to File -> Import..., and find the XML file on the remote machine (assuming you've connected the two) and import it. This will import that list of songs and automatically copy them from the remote computer.

I did hit one snag in this process, as one album refused to gave me a "Cannot find files" error and I could not for the life of me figure out why (there were no special characters or anything), but other than that it worked very well.

[robg adds: In my testing, dragging and dropping from the latest version of iTunes worked just fine. I'm posting this as an alternative method of migrating a playlist of songs from one machine to another.]
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Move iTunes playlists and songs via file export
Authored by: b-baggins on Jul 06, '04 03:05:04PM

If you are dragging a group of songs from iTunes that has one or more songs with the same name, the drag and drop will fail without any error message.

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Move iTunes playlists and songs via file export
Authored by: robtain on Jul 07, '04 10:32:20AM

Open the XML file in TextEdit or BBEdit and look at the path of the song files. I'll bet that the paths are specific to the host machine. If you use Find & Replace to correct the path so that iTunes looks on the remote host, then the songs will be copied into the Library correctly.

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Authored by: Gabs on Jul 17, '04 09:39:19PM

Neither drang and drop nor straight XML import were working for me so I tried this last suggestion and now my Top Rated tunes are on my had drive limited PowerBook. Exported XML from source Mac then edited (just find and replace) so
(as per terminal ls of /Volumes on "second" Mac when both were connected)
XML editing with TextEdit? Easy.
Nice one robtain!

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Help editing this XML?
Authored by: baltazar on Sep 19, '04 06:39:17PM

Can anyone clarify this last post?
I would really love to be able to easily transfer my iTune's Playlists from my B&W desktop to my iBook(was easy before iTunes 4.1 update changed all that!!).
I know I'm almost there with the help of this last post, but being a neophite I don't know squat about XML.

Here's what appears in the exported XML file of one of my playlists.

[Music Folderfile://localhost/Users/Shared/iTunes%20Music%20Folder/
Library Persistent ID334512A0FFD845A9

From the previous post I know I should start by replacing the "localhost" reference, but by what syntax is not clear.

Thanks for any clarifications.

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Help editing this XML?
Authored by: Gabs on Sep 22, '04 05:31:56AM
Hi baltazar -

It's easy - honest (at least using Panther and iTunes 4.6).

1. Connect the two Macs with on a high speed network (FireWire or 100BaseT). Specifically mount the HD of the B&W Mac that houses your iTunes Music Library onto your iBook. You'll have the option of mounting your Home folder but this would confuse things - so don't.

2. At the iBook select "Go to Folder" from the Finder's "Go" menu and type: /Volumes
This will tell you how your iBook calls your B&W Mac's mounted HD. (Essential if both your hard drives are called "Macintosh HD" - the mounted/networked volume will be called something like "Macintosh HD-1") An alternative to the finder's Go to Folder menu is to type ls /Volumes in a Terminal window - ls being the List command.

3. Export your iTunes playlist (or the Library) as XML from you B&W Mac and copy this to your iBook.

4. Now you want to change the information in this file so that when you ask iTunes on the iBook to import the files it knows where to look. //localhost ain't it - Use what you found in step 2. By the look of the XML I reckon you'll need to fill any spaces with %20 (my HD name didn't have any spaces when I did this).

So open the XML file up in TextEdit and do a Find and Replace.
For example
Find //localhost
Replace with /Volumes/Macintosh%20HD-1

Save the file and now you should now have an XML file that has only changed location references (unless you have tracks called //localhost!)

5. Import this XML file into iTunes - and, as long as iTunes is set to copy files into its Music Folder - you should hopefully be done after a bit of copying. Or a lot - depending on the size of your iTunes Music Folder, baby.

As easy as 1-2-3-4-5-ish.


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Help editing this XML?
Authored by: inspired_tmu on Jan 06, '08 10:51:10AM

If that doesn't work, try making one more change to the iTunes Music Library.xml file:

Find: /Volumes/Macintosh%20HD-1
Replace With: ///Volumes/Macintosh%20HD-1

Save, close and import.

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