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10.3: Create bootable ISO Image CDs using Disk Utility Apps
This is simple - but I haven't seen it described quite this way before. I made a couple of coasters before trying this particular approach. Now that Disk Copy is merged into Disk Utility, this seems to work reliably if you have an existing ISO image:
  1. Insert a blank CD into a supported burner
  2. When the Finder dialog appears, select "Open other application" for the desired action
  3. Navigate as you prefer and then select "Disk Utility" as the desired application to open
  4. After Disk Utility opens, drag the ISO image file to the lower portion (below the horizontal divider) of the left-hand pane where disks and volumes are displayed in the Disk Utility dialog
  5. Select the ISO image file,
  6. Click the "Burn" icon at the top-left of the Disk Utility dialog.
I made a set of bootable Linux install CDs for PC systems in this way. I would expect this method to also create bootable DVDs but have not yet tried it.

BTW, you might intuitively think that opening Disk Utility and executing steps 4 - 6 and inserting a CD would provide the same results but this seems to not be the case. When I tried it that way I invariably received an error message that the media was not writable.
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10.3: Create bootable ISO Image CDs using Disk Utility
Authored by: larkost on Feb 23, '04 11:33:18AM

If you choose "ignore" when you insert a CD, or wait until prompted to put in the CD, then you can simply open Disk Copy/Disk Utility and chose the iso file to burn. I did this the other day to burn a Devil-Linux live cd, and am successfully booting/running off of it now (my firewall).

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10.3: Create bootable ISO Image CDs using Disk Utility
Authored by: matx666 on Feb 23, '04 01:02:35PM

I never had a problem either, using the "ignore" and then launching Disk Utility. Also, if you have a .cdr file or something Disk Utilty does not want to burn, then dragging to the bottom section will allow disk utility to recognize it, then burn.

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inappropriate title??
Authored by: cynikal on Feb 23, '04 01:01:56PM

perhaps i read over this too fast, however the title seems misleading..

"Create bootable ISO Image CDs using Disk Utility"

it claims you can create bootable cd images, when in fact you're burning cd images that were already bootable.. nothing is really being created.. i was under the impression by reading it, i could make cd images myself that would be bootable, not burn ones someone else made bootable.

What about, burn bootable cd images?

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inappropriate title??
Authored by: martinx on Feb 23, '04 04:26:19PM

I thought the exact same thing! What I would really like to know is, how can I make a CD image and run an application off the CD image without it asking me to insert the real CD. Stupid copy protection or something. But I know that in the windows world there are programs that let you fake an ISO image as a real drive, but apparently a mounted disk image doesn't do that.

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inappropriate title??
Authored by: cynikal on Feb 27, '04 10:57:45PM

it does, if you mount it with toast.. toast has a type of mounting system that makes the system think it's an actual CD. This of course assumes you have the original CD (or image of the original). There are NoCD [k]'s for most apps/games.. which app in particular are you talking about?

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10.3: Create bootable ISO Image CDs using Disk Utility
Authored by: geordie on Feb 23, '04 01:46:00PM

I have never had any problems choosing burn and then inserting the media. I did this with the fedora linux dvd iso yesterday. It installed fine.

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10.3: Create bootable ISO Image CDs using Disk Utility
Authored by: philb on Feb 23, '04 04:51:57PM

Does anyone know how to make a backup copy of Panther Install disks? Apple told me they're using some sort of anti-piracy on install disks now. He said there is a way to create a backup for your install disks using DiskCopy but he was not allowed to tell me.
Anyone know how this is done?

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10.3: Create bootable ISO Image CDs using Disk Utility
Authored by: subcultured on Feb 23, '04 05:11:57PM

i used toast to make backup copies of the panther install cds without a problem. not sure if Apple has implemented some sort of protection into disk utility, though...

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10.3: Create bootable ISO Image CDs using Disk Utility
Authored by: lolopb on Feb 23, '04 05:25:15PM

I copied my Panther CDs with Disk Utility by selecting New image from volume and selecting the session 1 in the sidebar, just under the CD name, no problems to boot from the cds burned with this image.

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BEWARE: Test your copies, even if you think they're ok!
Authored by: tcurtin on Feb 24, '04 05:17:50PM

Be careful - you should try actually doing an install with the copied discs first. I did the same, and thought I was so clever for doing so... until using them to install on my iMac just kept failing in subtle ways. Weird failures during the installation, if I remember correctly, even though I was able to start from the copies without problems. On a hunch, I switched to the original discs, and installation immediately worked perfectly on the first try.

In the end, I resolved to take very good care of the originals, but its very annoying to me that Apple won't let me make a backup. (Especially since there's obviously a way, they just won't tell us what it is.)

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
- Benjamin Franklin

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10.3: Create bootable ISO Image CDs using Disk Utility
Authored by: torleif on Apr 06, '04 06:57:50PM

I used toast 6 titanium copy function to backup my os x panther 3.8 GB disc.
Works fine (bootable)

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10.3: Use ASR disc images rather than CDs
Authored by: dirtymouse on Apr 07, '04 06:40:45AM
Rather than making CD copies, why not create a clean virgin (and updated)
Mac OS X ASR disc image using a firewire drive, carbon copy
cloner and netrestore?

Here is how;

1. Install OS X (with full options, BSD, your chosen Languages etc)
onto a clean firewire drive partition (need a firewire bootable mac)

2. Boot, create user, test, update (Apple CDs are out of date anyway)

3. Carbon Copy Cloner your beautiful OS X to an ASR compatible Disc image
with ASR options enabled.

4. Test a restore to a spare partition.

Then all you need to do in the future to restore is as follows:

- Boot off a OS X mac (by firewire drive, target disk mode etc)
- run NetRestore, clone from your ASR disc image
- reboot into new OS X. (restore can take less than 5 minutes)

This technqiue is hundreds of time faster, better, more up-to-date than
using the ancient art of inserting a CD/DVD installer, booting, installing,
rebooting, creating a user, running updates, restart, repeat etc etc
And has numerous applications to long too explain here.
Essential techniqnue if you are running more than a couple of
OS X macs at home or at work..

for more info:
download Carbon Copy Cloner from

and the actual technique to make this work seemlessly is covered
extensively in my Mac Troubleshooting book title: 'Fix a troubled Mac'
which you can obtain from

have fun, dirtymouse

Author of "fix a troubled Mac'
(A Macintosh Troubleshooting PDF book)

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10.3: Create bootable ISO Image CDs using Disk Utility
Authored by: Makosuke on Feb 23, '04 06:37:01PM

I've never had trouble copying bootable disks, even Windows ones, by using the "Image from Device" feature of Disk Utility; that seems to make an image that matches the original disk exactly, which you can then use a procedure like the one in this hint to burn to a CDR.

Never tried it with OSX install discs, but unless they specifically designed Disk Utility not to do it with Apple install discs or maybe some general type of copy protected disks, it should work.

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Please Help
Authored by: ylon on Mar 16, '04 07:25:40PM

You know, I used to be able to create bootable CDs fine back with X.3.1 but suddenly stopped being able to create them it seems with updates above this. I'm afraid my drive might be going out (only 1.5 years old) but it seems bad. The strangest part is that Sony CDs will not burn at all now and Imation CDs will actually burn, however even the Imation CDs are NOT bootable for isos that would normally function fine.

Any tips on diagnosing the issue or troubleshooting? I've tried rm'ing Disk Utility preferences, clearing NVRAM, clearing all caches and still no luck. Please advise if anyone has any suggestions as I'd like to isolate this problem down so that I can move ahead with life...

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10.3: Create bootable ISO Images.. or any for that matter.
Authored by: SpiceWeasel on Jun 09, '04 11:37:13AM

Hey guys,

As was previously asked (but not answered).. I am really interested to know how to create an image file (DMG/ISO/whatever) that I can fill with some apps or utils and then burn, making it bootable. I have no 'already bootable' file that I can use.
I used to have an os9 disc that I copied (when using 10.2) added to and then re-burnt, but trying to do it now with 10.3 doesn't work for some reason.
So really, I want to create an image with this stuff in it that I can boot off.
Anyone know how?
Cheers. 8)

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Create a bootable MacOS x CD with your favorite Apps (need to be small)
Authored by: thecarpy on Jun 10, '04 03:02:13PM

If I get you right, you just want a bootable cd with a couple of apps on booting macos x ... I used to do that with 10.1 at work, i used this website:

so have fun!

If this is not what you want, be more precise.

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10.3: Create bootable ISO Image CDs using Disk Utility
Authored by: robertcrowe on Apr 26, '05 04:59:48PM

Thanks for this, it saved me. I just burned a set of Fedora 3 CDs on my Mac after cdrecord on my Linux system kept burning bad CDs. I did it the more "normal" way, starting Disk Utility first and then doing the drag and drop of the disk image and clicking Burn, then inserting the CD when it asked for it. Worked great!

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Use BootCD
Authored by: juz10mac on Apr 26, '05 08:38:40PM

There is a utility called BootCD that will make a true Mac OS X boot CD, if this is what anyone here is looking for. Just search for it on . It builds a bootable CD image from your current operating system. You can use Disk Utility to burn it, then put it in your computer and hold down the 'C' key.

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