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A workaround for an Intellimouse driver anomaly Apps
My Blue MS Optical mouse was causing me problems (the middle click upset menu and dock sensitivity ... but that's another story!), so I installed the MS Intellipoint driver v5.0. This enabled me to map the mouse buttons to all kinds of things, even different things for different apps (much like USB overdrive, but free). This was great, except that the mouse acceleration speed was inconsistent -- fast user switching and going back to the Login page would alter the mouse speed. The MS driver preference pane let you use the OS X mouse acceleration, but seemed to keep overriding the OS X setting when changing apps (usually back to a slow crawl). The solution to stop this interference is as follows:
  1. Set up the MS driver for the click options you require.
  2. Select the option to use the OS X mouse acceleration speed.
  3. Reboot (this may be optional).
  4. The OS X mouse speed works perfectly until I complete the login, then it slows to a crawl.
  5. Kill the "MicrosoftMouseHelper" process using Terminal or the Activity Monitor.
  6. Go back to the OS X pref pane for the mouse and re-select your desired speed.
  7. Also, remove "MicrosoftMouseHelper" from your Login items.
Result: you can use the click-functionallity of the MS driver, without their crummy inconsistent mouse acceleration. Hooray!
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A workaround for an Intellimouse driver anomaly
Authored by: chris_on_hints on Feb 18, '04 12:41:59PM

Quick update on the hint - Ive been using it and it works great, apart from it seems to reset to the default "middle click is change app" (ie command-tab) every so often after a restart. For most of us who only put our machines to sleep, thats no big deal. I only noticed it after installing a software update and HAVING to reboot.

Otherwise, its nice and simple....

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Authored by: iamdw on Feb 19, '04 08:30:00PM
when you say MS Blue Optical mouse, do you mean the Bluetooth MS mouse, or simply just a blue colored MS optical mouse? I have a MS Bluthooth optical mouse (intellimouse explorer 5button+scroller) and the 5.0 driver do not seems to recognize my mouse... I have been dying to get the other buttons on the mouse some functionality so i hope you DO have the Bluetooth mouse and I am just missing somthing... - dw

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This middle click button bug IS a big deal
Authored by: pawz on Feb 27, '04 05:20:27AM

I installed the Microsoft driver to see if it could do anything interesting that would be useful to me. I wish I hadn't. I removed it when I realised I didn't need it, but unfortunately, as pointed out, every reboot resets the thing back to "middle button equals change application". I could stop this behaviour by using the MS Mouse module in System Preferences to "disable" it for "Global Preferences" -- only problem ? I HAVE to keep running the MS mouse driver. If I delete it from the system or stop it running; every reboot will reset the middle mouse button behaviour to "middle button changes application". ARRGGH !! Will I have to reinstall Panther to reset my mouse behaviour to normal ? Or is this mouse behaviour stored in a .plist file somewhere. If someone knows where .. please share ! I hate extraneous process running that I don't need, and I -definately- don't need this Intellipoint driver anymore !

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A workaround for an Intellimouse driver anomaly
Authored by: chris_on_hints on Feb 21, '04 11:44:59AM
No my mouse is the normal Blue Optical mouse - no Bluetooth involved. If you go to the MS Driver Downloads Page my mouse is called a "Wheel mouse Optical". I would click on the bluetooth mouse option (down toward the bottom of the drop-down menu) and see what driver it offers you.

good luck!

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A workaround for an Intellimouse driver anomaly
Authored by: razorwriter on Jan 28, '05 03:54:17PM

I have a related problem. I have installed the latest Intellimouse driver, and it overwrites the ability to use any mouse buttons for Expose, and I have those set in Expose preferences - even if I set that particular button to - (or nothing) in the MS intellmouse prefs, I still can't use the button for Expose. It just does nothing. Anyone know a workaround for this or do I need to uninstall the MS driver??

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