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10.3: Live sidebar updates within Save dialog System
Just discovered a cool trick with Panther: if you make changes to the sidebar in the Finder with a Save or Save As dialog box (or sheet) open in other application, those changes are immediately propagated to the Save dialog. Why should one care? Suppose you want to save to a folder that is currently open in the Finder, but not easily accessible via the Save dialog. That is, it isn't in the very short "recent places" list or a "favorite", and it would require a lot of mouse clicks to get there. Just drag the folder over to the Finder sidebar, and it immediately appears in the sidebar of the Save dialog. Click on it there to save to your preferred location.

This trick seems to work with both Cocoa and Carbon apps -- although I only tested with and Word. Note that if the folder isn't open in the Finder, using the Finder's search capability (or, say, LaunchBar) may be much quicker than mousing around in the Save dialog. When you are done, you can just drag the folder out of the Finder sidebar if you won't need it again.

[robg adds: As mentioned here before, you can also just drag and drop the folder directly from the Finder into the open/save window, and you'll immediately jump to that folder's contents.]
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Avoid cluttering the sidebar all together
Authored by: jecwobble on Feb 16, '04 11:45:22AM

Just drag and drop the folder or document directly from the Finder to the Save or Open dialogs. The dialogs switch immediately to that location.

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Authored by: jecwobble on Feb 16, '04 11:49:26AM

Didn't finish reading down to Rob's comments.

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10.3: Live sidebar updates within Save dialog
Authored by: Frederico on Feb 16, '04 08:19:14PM

Since I so often see tips replied to with advocation of shareware to "do the same thing, only better" [wink], I thought I'd chime in here with a plug for Default Folder, a utility I have used and rely on since at least OS 8.

Default Folder adds its own set of controls to each Save and Open dialog sheet; among its huge list of valuable feature enhancements and additions, is the ability to use your mouse to hover over open (visible) windows in Finder -- even just a scrap of a title bar or any line item within a window -- and have that target identified by a floating 'tool-tip-type' text line; clicking on that identified target will immediately change the navigation in the Open or Save dialog **all without changing focus away from the original dialog**. Extremely cool. Also works fairly well within the beauty of Expose.

What's that? You know you have the target window open in Finder, but can't see it, and don't want to bother with Expose? Fine. Just use the handy 'Finder' popdown menu Default folder has installed in its toolbar in the Open or Save dialog; it lists all open Finder windows by title. Sweet.

If you do a lot of file manipulation, especially managing large projects with many files, Default Folder is a must. It's list of additional features and uses, beyond the obvious ability to set default folders per application, maintain handy shortcuts to recent folders, and the ability to rename, add and delete items within a Save or Open Dialog is far too lengthy to quote here. Do yourself a favor and try the free, fully functional demo.

[Disclaimer: I'm in no way affiliated with Default Folder or its owners; I'm merely a very satisfied customer.]

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10.3: Live sidebar updates within Save dialog
Authored by: denismailloux on Feb 17, '04 09:05:48AM
I also am a very pleased customer of Default Folder. I bought this product as soon it was released many years ago and it was the best buy I made. The features of Default Folder are very useful and the developer is always listening to customer's suggestions. He rapidly deploys new version to comply with the evolving version of Mac OS.

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