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Use LEAP without continual password re-entry Network
If you find constantly entering the LEAP password a pain, I've found a way to at least store the settings. It doesn't look like it auto-reconnects on wakeup, but I guess it's better than having to enter the password etc. after each interruption (i.e. sleep).

Open Internet Connect (last item on the Airport Menu). Select the Network Location for your LEAP Environment, or create a new one. The settings you enter in Internet Connect will be associated with a specific Network Location, so be sure you have the one you use in your LEAP environment active. From Internet Connect's File menu, select New 802.1X Connection. A new icon Labeled "802.1X" will appear in the toolbar of the Internet Connect main application window.

Select the 802.1X Icon, if it isn't already selected. Next to Configurations, select Edit Configurations from the pulldown menu. In the sheet that is revealed, enter the settings for your LEAP Network, and name it something appropriate in the description. I left the default Authentication Protocols selected, although I suspect LEAP is the only one you actually need. Click OK to save the configuration.

Now, if your newly created 802.1X configuration is selected, all of the particulars (Username, Password, Wireless Network) should be populated. Click "Connect" and you're golden.
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Use LEAP without continual password re-entry
Authored by: Fanglord on Feb 09, '04 01:25:51PM

Unfortunately, I followed the instructions to the letter, and I still couldn't connect automatically to the LEAP network at my university. :-( They use LEAP plus for the pee-cees in the department, but have vanilla LEAP turned on for us Airport users. Any ideas?

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Use LEAP without continual password re-entry
Authored by: uurf on Feb 09, '04 05:02:26PM
Yeah that's why I mentioned in the first paragraph that it doesn't look like it autoreconnects. :)

However, it did auto reconnect when I arrived today, and I had the "Automatic" location selected.

Make sure the network location where you've defined the 802.1X config isn't set to auto connect to a specific Airport Network in the Network System Preferences pane.

It seems to work for me now!

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Use LEAP without continual password re-entry
Authored by: Dahak on Feb 09, '04 09:39:18PM

There may be an easier way to do this, depending on how your LEAP set is configured. I've been able to set up a location for LEAP-enabled wireless networks using the following setup:

In the Airport tab of Network Preferences:

1. Set it to join a specific network
2. In the "Network" blank, put in the SSID.
3. In the "Password" blank, enter the LEAP login and password both like this: <username/password>

The less than and greater than signs are required, as is the slash separating the username and password. If your username is for an NT Domain (which LEAP can do apparently), you should enter it in this format:


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Use LEAP without continual password re-entry
Authored by: smkolins on May 20, '05 09:31:33AM

this doesn't seem to always work. In 10.4.1 I've notived that if you create a new location, it configures the possibility of an airport to allow for LEAP authentication. In this new location, switch airport from automatic to prefered. It may well give a list of preferred networks you've joined in the past. Hit the little "+" and it will let you fully enter the data for a new network (name, user, password and authentication style.)

However for me it seems like you are good only for a boot on that location. If you put your computer to sleep from another network ( not sure if ANY other network or just another airport network) when you wake on the LEAP required authentication network it will try and fail two or three times (airport indicator fills and empties, notes added to system log.) But once on that location and you restart it seems to work.

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Use LEAP without continual password re-entry
Authored by: shoobe01 on Mar 09, '06 09:18:59AM

I stumbled across the use of Internet Connect to get on my corporate LEAP protected WiFi network on my own, but not to save on password entry.

Despite the same fields seemingly being available in the challenge/response box for Other... network in the toolbar, ONLY Internet Connect (setting up an 802.1x authentication) worked to join our network. No idea why its different. Only one true trick to it: its an Active Domain place, but it only works if you do not put AD/ in front of the username. No idea why.

Once set up, this works almost totally seamlessly. I have one wireless location, and the preferred network name for the corporate network uses the Internet Connect authentication. All other preferred networks are also automatically available, like when I go home or am waiting at the doctor's office.

The only oddity I have encountered is that it doesn't always grab the LEAP network when you manually switch Locations. Does work when its been switched, then wakes from sleep. This usually works fine as the computer is in wireless mode and I pull it out of the bag and open it, but when I have to relinquish a wireline connection I usually have to sleep to force the wireless connection, which is odd.

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