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10.3: Built-in fax services don't create audit trails System
I use my PowerBook primarily for my business (law). When I send a fax, I always want a copy of what was faxed, including the cover page and transmission information. In fact, I am so used to having a copy available from GlobalFax in OS 9 and FAXstf in OS X, I never thought of the possibility that fax software would not keep a record of what was sent. Unfortunately, that is the case when faxing from the Print Dialog in Panther.

I recently faxed a document (thankfully, not business-related) from the print dialog. When I looked for the copy I expected, it was nowhere to be found. After a long conversation with Apple's support people (escalated to a "Product Specialist"), I was told that the best I could expect to find as a record was a log entry. After dutifully opening the Console and accessing the Logs, I found the fax log under /var/logs. Unfortunately, the log was empty.

I've now learned my lesson: I'll never fax from the Print Dialog again. It is a great feature and worked well, but at least for me, it is worthless without a record of what was sent and when.

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10.3: Built-in fax services don't create audit trails
Authored by: michaelj on Feb 06, '04 12:48:21PM
I found this information on the Apple Discussions board.
There is a log of all of your faxes and print jobs!
There is a UNIX application called "The Common UNIX Printing System' that gets installed with OS X. You can access the app via your browser at and you can see all of the print/fax jobs that have been attempted at
These web pages are pages that exist on your computer and are generated by the application, so net access is not relevant.
I haven't sent a fax on my computer so I can't verify that this keeps a record of faxes, but there is definitely a record of all print jobs there. I would love to hear from people who use the built in fax capability about this!

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10.3: Built-in fax services don't create audit trails
Authored by: dansroka on Feb 06, '04 12:56:34PM

Yes, that works. Quite cool actually, as you also have a log of the print jobs you've done.

I've had to do quite a bit of faxing recently, and I've found that the built-in fax works well with Image Capture and a scanner. I have Image Capture set up so that when I press the "scan now" button on my scanner, it scans the page and automatically opens it in Preview, from which it is easy to fax.

I also noticed that the Print Settings pulldown let you save commonly used fax numbers and cover letters.

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10.3: Built-in fax services don't create audit trails
Authored by: atverd on Feb 06, '04 02:05:29PM

Just use this link and your local print server will show you list of completed jobs.

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10.3: Built-in fax services don't create audit trails
Authored by: on Feb 06, '04 03:20:54PM
10.3: Built-in fax services don't create audit trails
Authored by: michaelj on Feb 06, '04 04:57:49PM
Authored by: on Fri, Feb 6 '04 at 03:20PM ...shows completed fax jobs
Yes! Thanks for that direct link to the fax info. This works great! Of course it would have been much easier if Apple could have documented this a little more clearly. I would think that most people want to know if a fax was sent successfully...

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10.3: Built-in fax services don't create audit trails
Authored by: paulrob on Feb 08, '04 02:47:45PM

1. According to the man pages for the fax service, the logs are deleted if the fax is successfully sent. So thats why CUPS shows the result and the logs don't. Bit odd but there you go!

2. As for keeping a copy of the outgoing fax the following SHOULD (heh heh!) be possible.

a) Open the print dialog, bring up the fax service and do want you gotta do with regards to creating a cover page. Then save the fax as postscript to a file.

b) Then open Terminal and type "fax make" (where your file's name goes in place of filename obviously) This creates a series of files in the same folder in TIFF Group 3 format, with the following names "", "" where each file is one page of the fax. These are the files that actually get sent by the fax server and therefore a record should appear in CUPS as previous posters have indicated so an audit trail now exists. To actually send the fax use "fax send OUTGOINGNUMBER*" This should send every page.

c) Hang on to either the first or last page. Its your cover sheet. You can print the whole fax by typing "fax print*" and it should pop out of your default printer, or just "fax print" to get page 1. Uses lots of ink from the look of it. I'm surprised at the relatively poor quality too, given that it hasn't actually gone where.

d) The above is a bit labour intensive, but it should be possible to arrange a folder action script in either Applescript or UNIX to do the above, although some cunning would be needed to get the phone number from the Postscript file without you having to type it in separately. Anybody not really busy?

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