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10.3: Another fix for SMB printing Network
I could not print to SMB printer from my OS X for quite a long time. It used to terminate printing with the errors:
Unable to connect to SAMBA host, will retry in 60 seconds
Connection failed with error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL
It was too frustrating .. and no pointers on the net helped. So, I started poking around, found /etc -> cups -> printers.conf file. The URI was quite wrong for the SMB printer, and that was the reason it did not print. So, I created printers.conf with the following:

<DefaultPrinter printer>
  Info HP
  Location MYDOMAIN
  DeviceURI smb://ramprasad:jmypass@mydomain/myprintserver/HP
  State Idle
  Accepting Yes
  JobSheets none none
  QuotaPeriod 0
  PageLimit 0
  KLimit 0
Now, I restarted cupsd and it started working fine ... Panther rocks (I could never do such a thing in Windows).
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10.3: Another fix for SMB printing
Authored by: Bluemunky on Feb 10, '04 12:06:04PM

Can we get more details on this? I have an HP printer on a local network, connected to a windows machine, when I print to it (no domain, just workgroup) it won't stop printing blank sheets until I shut it off. Will this solution help at all or need I search more?

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10.3: Another fix for SMB printing
Authored by: JaxMyers on Feb 10, '04 11:34:14PM

I was having trouble with samba printing too... I just tried editing my printers.conf file and emacs says it can't open it! weird...

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10.3: Another fix for SMB printing
Authored by: Crimson Napkin on Feb 11, '04 08:56:43AM
Did you type
before the
emacs  printers.conf
Kind of obvious, I know, but I have no idea how familiar you are with terminal. :)

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10.3: Another fix for SMB printing
Authored by: btrzcinski on Feb 29, '04 10:04:38AM

There is an easier way for less tech-savvy types. Just open up Safari and type in the address line:


This will open the web administrator page for CUPS. By doing this you have a graphical way of modifying the .conf file.

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10.3: Another fix for SMB printing
Authored by: mitra on Jul 26, '04 07:51:34AM

But .... when you get that adminstrator page for CUPS, to do anything useful it asks for a id/password.

Which id/password is it asking for? it doesn't seem to want my userid/password, or anything else obvious.

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10.3: Another fix for SMB printing
Authored by: jonbauman on Dec 17, '04 06:13:22PM

I had the same problem, so I poked around the /etc/cups directory. In cupsd.conf it says:

# You definitely will want to limit access to the administration functions.
# The default configuration requires a local connection from a user who
# is a member of the system group to do any admin tasks. You can change
# the group name using the SystemGroup directive.
So, I took a look with NetInfo Manager to see if I was a member of the "system" group. What I found was that there was no "system" group. So, I very carefully (since you can easily screw up your system with NetInfo Manager) duplicated the "admin" group (of which I am a member), renamed it to "system", and changed the gid to something unused (98 in my case). After that, I was able to log in to the local CUPS daemon using my own login and password.



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10.3: Another fix for SMB printing
Authored by: treewalker on Mar 28, '04 10:35:07PM

Well looks like Apple has done it again... yet another feature that doesnt really work, or you have to attack it from a very technical back end which may be hard for some.

Here is my issue I have a doze box with a HP Deskjet 940c (CUPS Dosent have this drive how cute!) So I got to the printer prefs. and select Windows Sharing then go to the system but when I get there, oh boy no printer. Mind you this works fine PC to PC but not Mac to PC to I'm convinced that its an issue on the tosh end. The funny thing is I set up plain text printing on my Deb box much easyier then this. Can somone help me?

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10.3: Another fix for SMB printing
Authored by: riverawynter on Sep 21, '04 01:54:44PM

Well, I do not know if this is of much help but my wife had the same issue with her laptop at work (which she threaten to sell on ebay if I did not solve her problem). What I found out was that you have to specify the Windows workgroup in Mac OS X. You can do this by opening the Directory Service application. Click on the lock to be able to do modifications, this will open an authentication dialog for the admin. After that click on the smb button, this should bring up the SMB dialog. All I had to do was to insert the workgroup name, but I guess you can put the server if you know it. Once i did this everything worked out fine. Here is a link to a Help document from apple on how to configure the SMB services. Home this helps.

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10.3: Another fix for SMB printing
Authored by: aspeed on Nov 02, '04 01:31:40PM

Could you explain in detail how you got your printer to work?


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