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10.3: A fix for post-upgrade Windows login issues Network
We upgraded a machine at work from 10.1 to Pather, and tried to enable Windows sharing for the first time. Although everything seemed to be set up properly (SMB enabled in Directory Access, Windows sharing set in the Network preferences), we couldn't login to our existing accounts from a Windows machine. After scanning the Web and Help files, we finally came up with the solution.

The Tip is to change the password for any existing accounts for which you want to enable logins from a Windows machine; this will create the necessary associations to allow the user to access via Samba. This is mentioned in the Help files, but you need to look really hard! :)

New accounts set up after Panther was installed should work straight away.
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10.3: A fix for post-upgrade Windows login issues
Authored by: figz on Feb 03, '04 01:08:06PM
This hint was already documented here, but I can confirm that this fixed my issues as well.

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10.3: A fix for post-upgrade Windows login issues
Authored by: mahuti on Feb 03, '04 04:42:44PM

WOW, this fixed my issue as well. I can't believe it.

Must have tried for hours to get this to work, to no avail.

It's rediculous when something can be fixed this easily, and you don't come up with the solution yourself.


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10.3: A fix for post-upgrade Windows login issues
Authored by: Polonius19 on Feb 03, '04 04:54:00PM

I saw the earlier post and now that I saw this one I just wanted to chime in w/ my experience. While I'm glad that others found a solution, this approach did not resolve my particular issue. I was getting samba errors the whole time. Even after changing my password, the smb client on my upgraded system would not allow connections.

I had been using the Samba Sharing prefpane to manage samba, but that seemed to have been broken. When I opened it, it indicated that samba was not running and had the start button enabled. When I clicked start it would crash the prefpane. When I looked at the logs, it said that smbd is already running with pid #x, same went when I looked at the nmbd log. I also got two unknown parameter errors. One was error 3159, unknown parameter "client code page" and the other was error 2433, unknown parameter "coding system"

Looking at my smb.conf file didn't provide any answers. I saw the coding system parameter w/ the value set to utf8 in the global section. The client code page is set to 437, also in the global section. I didn't remember seeing those there before, but then again, I didn't not remember not seeing them either. I tried commenting those parameters out but that didn't change anything, I still couldn't authenticate. I'd been using the Windows Sharing start stop button in the System Preferences to stop and start samba when I made changes to smb.conf, I even rebooted, thinking that maybe it might not be starting and stopping smbd, but still no go.

I came across a suggestion for testing samba. It said to type smbclient //sever/share but when I did that I got the errors re: the two unknown parameters. For each it would say that it encountered and unknown parameter then it would say that it is ignoring it, then it would ask for a password and that also returned an error message "session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE"

In the end, I backed up my data and did an erase and install. I've since discovered that Samba Sharing is broken in Panther. I had that enabled when I did my upgrade, and I'm thinking that's what might have corrupted my Samba install. I thought to just re-install Samba over itself, but didn't find any docs that gave me any indication on how to proceed.

Just wanted to post this in case someone else can't just reset their password and get back to business.


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10.3: A fix for post-upgrade Windows login issues
Authored by: trillium on Feb 09, '04 12:22:24AM

I can verify this one. I had a user who lost the ability to login to his G3 after an upgrade to Panther from a Windows box (XP Home edition). Everything worked well under Jaguar.

I've also run into a problem going from Panther to Windows after an install. What I found with this one was just go into keychain and delete the entry for the login to Windows. Have had this happen on three different Panther upgrades and it seems to do the trick.

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10.3: A fix for post-upgrade Windows login issues
Authored by: stam66 on Apr 01, '04 05:52:56PM

Worked for me too... Thanks for the advice every one...

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