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Use some AfterDark screensavers in OS X Desktop
Like many fans of the old After Dark screensavers, I've been looking for a way to use them under OS X. The following method works some of the time for some modules, but I suspect that someone more expert than I am in AppleScript can make it work more reliably. All suggestions welcome. To begin, download the AD Launcher module ($5 shareware). You don't need the MacDim screensaver for OS 8/9, just the AD Launcher. Read the description to see which modules it works with.

Put it any convenient folder, and put the After Dark module you want to use in the same folder (just to make life easier; it can be anywhere). Launch AD Launcher and use its menu to navigate to the AD saver you want to use, and click on Test or Run to associate the module with AD Launcher. If you now click on the module file, the launcher should run it. Tip: If you uncheck "Open Dialog" in the Launcher menu, the AD module and launcher will close when you press a key or click the mouse while the module is running. Howevver, if you press Esc, the dialog will remain open. Now write an AppleScript that launches the screensaver module. My script looks like this:

tell application "Finder"
  open file "Macintosh HD:Applications (Mac OS 9):AD Launcher:Stained Glass"
end tell
That should be four lines, beginning tell, activate, open, end. Save it as a script. Next, download the freeware ScriptSaver. Install it, and configure it to launch the script you created when the screensaver kicks in. Now, the screensaver works when I click the Test button in System Preferences, and it sometimes works when the screensaver starts up at the scheduled time, but it doesn't always work ... and it mostly doesn't work when launched from a hot corner. But this is a start, at least, and any suggestions to make it work more reliably would help bring back many of those superb AD screen savers.
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Use some AfterDark screensavers in OS X
Authored by: smoye on Feb 03, '04 05:35:53AM

I used to own AD and was particularly fond of the "Stained Glass" screen saver (what a coincidence). Is this still available?

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Use some AfterDark screensavers in OS X - additional details
Authored by: emendelson on Feb 03, '04 10:19:55AM

A few comments on my own hint:

First, of course, it helps to run System Preferences - Classic and set Classic to start on login; it's OK to set Classic so it sleeps after a period of inactivity.

Second, the path in the sample script in my hint should of course be modified to represent the filepath in your own setup. I happen to have the "Stained Glass" module in "Applications (OS 9):AD Launcher" but you will probably have a different module and will store it somewhere else.

Third, fortunately, I still have my original copies of the AD modules. But the old ones can be found with a little searching. I don't pretend to know the legalities of this, but the moral and ethical situation seems fairly clear: it seems to me that if you once had a license for After Dark, and never gave the software to anyone else, then your license still applies (morally and ethically) to copies of the modules that you install from some source other than your own diskettes. YMMV (your morality may vary), of coursre.

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Use some AfterDark screensavers in OS X - additional details
Authored by: gulmatan on Mar 26, '05 10:15:23PM

Well, I'm on a new PB-G4 OS/X (v10.3.8). My problem is that AfterDark 3.0 crashes my Classdic Startup so, I'm fiorced to use AfterDark 2.0v. How can I use version 3.0 so that i can select my Star Trek (TOS, TNG) screen saver module?

The Star Trek Screen Posters modules work. How can I get mt AfterDark 3.0 modules to work?

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Authored by: Lectrick on Feb 13, '08 05:31:28AM
Just figured I'd add this comment if you're specifically wondering about the great old game (perversely included as an After Dark screensaver) Lunatic Fringe. There is an app called Fringe Player 2 that will actually take your old Lunatic Fringe module (hard, but not impossible, to find on the Internet, admittedly) and let you play it... on modern intel (or ppc) macs running 10.5!

In /dev/null, no one can hear you scream

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