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Old automount entries can cause application hangs Network
I had an interesting problem yesterday. All of a sudden, several of my applications were hanging. I got the spinning beachball, and had to force quit them. But it took several force quits to kill the applications, either from the Dock or from the Force Quit Application window (Command-Option-Escape). This first began with Word freezing, when I tried to insert a graphic from a file. Well, I thought, this is just Word ... but then it happened when trying to use the Acrobat PDF Writer to create a PDF from a Word document. Then other applications started hanging, including the Finder.

One thing I noticed was that the hanging occurred in operations which should have displayed an Open or Save dialog. I'll spare some of the troubleshooting operations I went through to see if the problem was related to specific application updates (the iCal update, or another update of a pre-release version of a network utility).

The solution came when I recalled a similar problem with OS 9 hanging because of aliases to recent servers in the System Folder's Recent Servers folder. So I fired up the Terminal and went to /var/automount/Network, and, indeed, found a half-dozen directories there that corresponded to different servers. After deleting these, everything worked fine.

I haven't seen this problem reported elsewhere, but it's certainly something to look for. If an application hangs when it's about to display an Open or Save dialog, it could be that the Finder is looking for those recent servers before displaying the dialog, so when you click the Network icon in the sidebar they display.
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Old automount entries can cause application hangs
Authored by: swooshdave on Jan 29, '04 11:55:04AM

Not being to handy with the CLI I just did a find for invisible items called automount. This gave me the folder and then I could access the appropriate files. With Panther the locked files can be deleted with a simple password.

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Old automount entries can cause application hangs
Authored by: fireant on Jan 30, '04 04:49:15AM

...or you could just use the 'Go to Folder...' option in the Finder's Go menu.

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Authored by: spaminacan on Jan 29, '04 04:26:56PM

If you're not comfortable with the command line or would just prefer a GUI for this task then check out the excellent (and free) utility OnyX. It is handy for many maintenance needs including clearing recent servers. Find it here:

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Authored by: tinadejarld on Jul 07, '04 04:32:49PM

This is great! I'm not comfortable with the command line either. I was having a different problem, but OnyX helped, so thank you very much.
Volumes from an NT server that I want to mount on startup are not mounting since I updated to 10.3, worked fine in 10.2. I was getting nowhere until I tried using OnyX to clear recent servers. Then they mounted. But on repeated restarts, only some mount. Tried also clearing the system and user caches, but again the more restarts, the more flaky the behavior, i.e., some of the startup items mount some don't. Any ideas what other cleaning items in OnyX to use?

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Old automount entries can cause application hangs
Authored by: theodour on Jan 30, '04 03:11:44AM

Thank you!
This has been going on for me for the past few weeks ... I was beginning to think I had bad ram ...

The volumes-alias-things in my automount folder must have been there for a while, 'cause I stopped using the finder windows to access the network many moons past.

I wish Apple would make OS X more resiliant to network disconnects.

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Dock or Startup may cause it, too [Old automount entries can cause application hangs]
Authored by: awolfe_ii on Feb 19, '04 01:49:29PM

Net folders in Dock/Startup Items can cause the same hang... I just wrote this up as a new post on this site.

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