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Weekend [downtime] update... Site News
We had a bunch of related issues this weekend and into this morning. The first was a second hard drive issue, which we resolved (we thought) on Sunday. Then last night, our host swapped our primary hard drive into another machine, ostensibly to fix the already fixed second hard drive issue.

Unfortunately, in doing this, we went from 2gb of RAM to 1gb of RAM, which led to some horrendous slowdowns this morning. It seems that we have everything back to normal now, though -- sorry for all the disappearing acts!

Tomorrow, I'm going to publish a selection of hints on some of the new iLife apps; I noticed there are a few in the queue, so I'll push them out as quickly as I can!

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Weekend [downtime] update...
Authored by: diamondsw on Jan 20, '04 12:20:12AM

I'm very curious - were the hard drive problems logical (directory corruption, etc) or physical (bad drive, head crash, etc)? Do you have any type of RAID setup, even simple RAID-1?

I work in web hosting, so I'm always interested in keeping servers up and running 24/7.

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Weekend [downtime] update...
Authored by: JohnnyMnemonic on Jan 20, '04 10:06:48AM

FWIW, folks, Rob's downtime isn't indicative of the quality of Mac fact, an Xserve might have PREVENTED the downtime.

And for the real reason Rob was down, take a look a the post above this one--HALO indeed!

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Weekend [downtime] update...
Authored by: robg on Jan 20, '04 02:28:32PM
Heh ... yea, I'd **love** to be hosted on a nice dual G5 XServe with a couple gigs of RAM. Unfortunately, there are no ISPs that I've found (and I check regularly!) that can offer the following for anything near what I can afford:
  • A dedicated Dual G5 XServe with at least 2gb of RAM; this matches closely to what we're using now, and seems to be required for MySQL, PHP and geeklog to happily serve pages to all of you. Must include full remote access and the ability to install and delete packages as we wish.
  • At least 400gb per month of bandwidth; we're using about 250gb now, and it's increasing by a few gig each month, so I'd like some room for future growth.
  • A fast connection from the ISP to the net, so visitors aren't waiting on page loads.
  • A good chunk of disk space; we have dual 80gb drives in the current server.
Alternatively, a co-location facility where I could install my own XServe is a possibility, though I've found them to be even less affordable than a dedicated machine at an ISP (and I'd have to figure out how to afford my own XServe, but that's another discussion).

I've found places in the past that offer XServe hosting (on Dual G4s back then), but they were so expensive there's no way I could afford to keep the site up :). So if you know of anything out there, please let me know ... I'd love to say "macosxhints is proudly hosted on a Mac," as long as I didn't have to go broke in the process!

BTW, the downtime was due to a 120gb drive being installed, instead of an 80gb drive. For some reason, the particular combination of our server management software, RedHat Linux release, and the hardware causes spectacular failures if the drives are larger than 80gb. Once we swapped out the 120gb for an 80gb drive, all was back to normal.


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