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Install iLife 04 on Mac OS X Server OS X Server
I run Mac OS X Server on my desktop, and wanted to install iLife 04. Well, the installer checks to see what version of OS X you are running, and if it finds OS X Server, it refuses to install. After digging in the install package, I found that renaming /System -> Library -> CoreServices -> ServerVersion.plist will allow the installer to run successfully.

Type the following in a Terminal window to rename the file -- don't forget to change it back after installation, or Software Update may break (among other things)!
 % sudo mv /System/Library/CoreServices/ServerVersion.plist \
Type your password when prompted, then start the installer. When the install completes, hop back into Terminal and do:
 % sudo mv /System/Library/CoreServices/ServerVersion.plist.bak \
to revert the file back to its original name. Enjoy iLife 04!!!
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Install iLife 04 on Mac OS X Server
Authored by: Lizard_King on Jan 20, '04 12:43:38PM

Anyone know the reason why Apple is trying to discourage installing iLife on OS X Server? Might be worth finding out before you install.

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Install iLife 04 on Mac OS X Server
Authored by: ising4jesus on Nov 08, '04 02:05:15AM
Yes, there IS a problem with iLife 04 and OS X Server. In particular, there is a problem with Garageband. I was experiencing lots of problems using Garageband on OS X Server. It had a nasty tendancy to LOSE my recorded audio files!!! The weird part was that the loops and music structure were O.K., and that it didn't always lose things. I was about to just give up on Garageband completely, but I just recently found the reason for this.

On Apple's web site, I found an obscure warning about OS X Server "File Services" not liking pound signs (#) in filenames. The problem is that the pound sign, when followed by hexidecimal digits, will be INTERPRETED instead of read as part of the filename. The notice warned that DATA LOSS can occur!!! ref:

Well, it just so happens that Garageband uses a pound sign followed by digits to name recorded audio files... so strange things happens when you save your recorded audio!!!

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Install iLife 04 on Mac OS X Server
Authored by: dreness on Jan 20, '04 01:06:36PM

This tip works in reverse as well, enabling tools that check for server to be run in client. One example are the fine cli utilities networksetup and systemsetup, which work great in client if you do this trick (in reverse). I submited that as a hint many moons ago, but it wasn't published, so I figured this was a good place to tuck it in ;) Of great importance is remembering to *switch it back when you're done*


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Install iLife 04 on Mac OS X Server
Authored by: alternapop on Jan 20, '04 07:49:16PM

i did a search on the disk for invisible files. copied the garageband package to my desktop. then used Pacifist to extract the files and put them in the location required. for Pacifist

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Install iLife 04 on Mac OS X Server
Authored by: rcfa on Jan 25, '04 03:51:57AM
Since Apple chose to sabotage the ability to install iLife '04 on a Mac OS X Server system, here's how to bypass that restriction:

a) insert the install DVD
b) start DiskUtility
c) create a new disk image from the install DVD, be sure to make a read/write disk image, not a read-only or compressed image.
d) eject the DVD
e) mount the disk image
f) open up a Terminal window
cd /Volumes/Install\ DVD

find . -name InstallationCheck -print -exec rm -rf {} \;

i) now you can install by clicking the Install package on the disk image.
j) eject the disk image to unmount
h) delete the disk image to reclaim the disk space

Be sure you have the required disk space: in addition to the several GB the installation requires, you will need temporarily another 4-5 GB for the disk image.

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Install iLife 04 on Mac OS X Server
Authored by: lanza on Jan 29, '04 01:54:44PM

I *really* want to figure out why Apple disabled iLive in OS X Server and stop it. I'm running OS X Server as my Internet Server (web, mail, ftp) *and* my "Digital Hub." I serve iPhoto and iTunes throughout my house, and no other computer stores iTunes. This works well for me.

Doesn't Apple get it??? Don't they want people to serve iTunes and iPhoto from one home server?

If this is an indication of how Apple thinks about this model, I'm going to think more about Windoze Media Center...

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Only certain Apps don't work
Authored by: eddy83 on Feb 18, '04 10:30:43PM

I've installed all apps except iDVD (don't have a superdrive) and GarageBand. The installer on these says that it doesn't support Server. This hint would only be required to install both those apps. iTunes, iPhoto, and iMovie all install fine by running their install packages from the DVD.

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Install iLife 04 on Mac OS X Server
Authored by: DominikHoffmann on Dec 22, '05 06:25:52AM

This works for iLife '05 on Mac OS X Server 10.4, as well, as I just successfully tried.

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Install iLife 04 on Mac OS X Server
Authored by: DominikHoffmann on Aug 31, '06 06:27:10PM

I am currently installing iLife '06 on that same system (Tiger Server). Either the restriction has been lifted completely, or because this is essentially an upgrade from iLife '05 to '06, the installer doesn't check at all.

Dominik Hoffmann

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